Crazy Gun Owner Tries to Kill Everyone in His House

20 May 2016, Port Allen, Louisiana

A Louisiana man decided that he was going to be the next Rambo when he decided that the people in his trailer had to go…permanently.

According to the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, the trailer owner lured everyone outside to his truck and then opened fire, killing Kelly Cline, 32, of also of Port Allen.

So, how much meth was the trailer owner on? Apparently none.

According to the authorities, Cline, Daquan Washington, 23, and some of his other friends had forced entry into the trailer in order to rob the resident.

After turning over all the cash and valuables in the trailer, the resident convinced the mob of intruders that he had more money and valuables in his truck.

As the resident entered the truck, he retrieved his gun and opened fire on his attackers; even though he was vastly outnumbered and sure to have his firearm taken.

The attackers scattered, leaving Cline to die at the scene.

Washington was arrested Thursday and has been charged as a Principle to Armed Robbery and Principle to Home Invasion. Unless the FBI gets involved, he should do some hard time for his crimes.

Cline is still dead and is expected to remain so indefinitely.

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