Restraining Order Works Perfectly, One Shot and Wounded

21 June 2016, Goodlettsville, Tennessee

In a classic example of how restraining orders are supposed to work, a Goodlettsville man with a history of threats towards his ex-girlfriend was kept at bay by the order of protection issued as a result of those threats.

The ex, having had the orders served on Tony Joe Gunter, 52, was able to continue living her life unmolested by her ex and feeling absolutely secure in her home and person.

She never even thought of buying an icky, scary gun for an attacker to take from her and use against her like all the progressives blather on about.

Lols! Just kidding! Restraining orders only work against the law-abiding.

Out here in the real world, far from the fairytales and magical thinking which drives a large chunk of the “Guns Are EVIL!” crowd, we have yet another example of how well restraining orders (don’t) work.

After 2 years of dating, Tony Joe Gunter’s girlfriend called it quits. In response, Joe exclaimed, “I will kill you, c**t!”

With such an eloquent, well-spoken, and restrained statement as that, Joe’s Ex had no choice but to file for a restraining order.

Joe, being the law-abiding man of reserve that he was, promptly violated that order three separate times, resulting in warrants for his arrest.

Joe’s ex, a gun owner, decided that instead of having to immediately shoot the man like the dog he is, she would have an alarm system installed.

Joe, not noticing the occupied house, decided that the best way to win back his lady love was to sneak in, steal her cell phone, and wait for the installer to leave. Sadly for Smart Joe, his beloved noticed Joe hiding under her bed.

She told the installer to call 9-1-1 and then she shot Gunter in the foot, holding him at gunpoint until the police FINALLY arrived to take him into custody.

Our point with this is simple: Restraining orders are good to have, but they are not a shield. Gunter had no weapons (that we know of) but did that stop him from breaking into a house to do God-only-knows-what to this woman? It did not.

Now, a bullet stopped this man. A Bullet. Fired from A Gun. Ended a threat to a woman’s life.

But that doesn’t matter to the Brady Campaign or CSGV. They would have preferred she die rather than use a gun to defend herself.

We don’t think she felt the same.

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