Casual Encounter Turns Deadly

02 July 2016, Dekalb County, Georgia

Craigslist, Tinder, Grindr, 3nder (did we spell that one right?); all great places to meet that special Mr./Ms./Mx. Right or, at least, Mr./Ms/Mx. Right-Now.

The problem, though, is twofold: 1. Many people still have no idea what makes good basic personal security protocols; and 2. Criminals have also figured out that the fastest way to a new victim’s wallet is through their hormones.

In this case, one enterprising young criminal contacted his victim (police are not saying how) and arranged to meet him at a local gas station to engage in a sex act. After the victim arrived, the robber got into the victim’s car and whipped out his gun, forcing the victim to drive around to various ATMs to pull out cash, but ultimately returning to the gas station where the kidnapping began.

Then, the robber made a very odd decision: he dropped his guard. This allowed the victim to bring his gun out and open fire, killing his attacker.

The victim remained on the scene and is cooperating with authorities in their investigation.

We’re going to say this once: STOP MEETING STRANGERS OFF THE INTERNET!

Whether it’s to sell your beanie babies or to meet up for a little naughtiness, take some back up, establish a safe call, meet in a well-traveled area, SOMETHING!

Many local law enforcement entities are establishing safe transaction areas in their parking lots, where internet businesspeople and others can meet safely. USE THEM! The local PD aren’t going to care (or shouldn’t be caring) if you meet a guy there, talk for a while, and then drive off to the local no-tell motel to have some consensual fun.

(The local public health people might have something to say about anonymity and risk behaviors, but your life is none of their business and they don’t get to see the police videos, anyways.)

So, get your groove on, be safe, and make sure that some of the protection you’re carrying is of the steel and lead persuasion.

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