Failure to Plan Nets Fatal Results for Atlanta Man

06 July 2016, Buckhead, Georgia

Axiom: Proper prior planning prevents poor performance.

In this case, it cuts both ways. From the perspective of law and justice, a jewelry store owner’s son was prepared, had planned ahead, and thus prevented what could have turned into a mass-shooting.

A man walked into Cachet Jewelers, having reconnoitered the week prior, pulled out a gun and a bag and demanded that the owner put the jewels in the sack.

The owner’s son, seeing a gun pointed at his father, drew his sidearm and placed three shots downrange, striking the assailant in the neck.

It’s just that simple, folks. The average Joe is getting sick of waiting 20 minutes for the overworked, underfunded police to eventually respond to the scene of the crime. They’re tired of having their hard work stomped on by miscreants looking for a quick score who are willing to use force to get it.

The average Joe is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. So he’s armed himself and, while not seeking a fight, has some very definite ideas about making sure it ends with him safe and his attacker fleeing or on the ground.

To that end, we here at Interritus encourage you to seek out more training than most people get.

The average carry permit holder gets his license and calls it a day. Sure, he goes to the square range every few months. She puts 50 rounds into paper while standing next to her buddies as they do the same.

That is not training. That is basic marksmanship and it is something expected out of every gun owner.

Training means getting out of your comfort zone. It means getting some movement training, presentation training, and integrated training to learn how to put it all together into a series of muscle memories that will not fail you when the worst day of your life happens.

Interested? Give us a call and schedule your Defensives 101 class today. Let us give you the tools to make your training time more productive.


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