A Badge, A Gun, Another Shooting

08 June 2016, Sacramento, California

Successful gun control paradise California has had a rare shooting go down in the capitol city of Sacramento.

According to authorities, a Brinks guard was making his rounds delivering and receiving cash at a local bank when masked man came up to him.

A gun battle ensued wherein the guard was shot once, in the chest, and the attacker was shot multiple times. Both the guard and the assailant are in critical condition. It is not known, nor is it really relevant, who shot first.

While this is not our traditional Average Joe good guy with a gun successfully defending himself from an armed assailant while the police are still minutes away, this shooting highlights something that many carriers don’t pay enough attention to: YOU MAY NOT ESCAPE UNSCATHED.

A lot of people, many of whom are novice shooters or, even more so, are the completely uneducated “gun safety” advocate (read: gun control) who sees a defensive gun use as a binary situation: You or your attacker will be injured.

Rarely do people think about, understand, or accept the axiom that you can do everything right in a gunfight and still come out wounded or dead.

The point of armed self-defense (contrary to the gun-grabber’s fantasies that we’re all wannabe Rambos itching to shoot a brown person) is to give you a chance, just a chance, of defending yourself in the 5 to 50 minutes it will take the police to get to you (based on the location of the incident, colors of skin involved, and caller’s political affiliations or liberal donation history if in a large city).

Let us say this one more time, as it bears repeating: YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING RIGHT AND STILL LOSE.

We say this repeatedly because it’s something you need to internalize, even if you DON’T carry. In a fight, whether a firefight or a fistfight, anything you do can get you killed; including doing nothing.

Which is why you need regular training. It doesn’t have to be much, or even all THAT often. We’re not trying to turn you into Operators who can operate operationally. We’re just looking to give you the tools to give you that little edge when you have a random encounter with one of the many illegally-armed violent repeat offenders who are routinely re-released back into the wild with no rehabilitation and no job or housing placement assistance.

Usually they’re running from a script. The well-prepared civilian should be able to detect the threat at least far enough in advance to force them to slow down and start making decisions. The well-prepared civilian should be able to make the decision to act and have had enough training that muscle memory takes over, moving them off the “X” and drawing their sidearm, leaving them the brainpower to make the conscious decision to shoot.

We realize that this is just a small hint of what you need to be prepared for. Give us a call or drop us an email and let us set up your next training session.

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