Drug Dealer Not Charged After Shooting Drug Addict

20 June 2016, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

A drug dealer will not be charged after shooting and nearly killing a 25 year-old Gettysburg man during a misunderstanding.

The dealer, who has not yet been named, is claiming self-defense and a reasonable fear for his life after his encounter with Zachary Kuhn left Zach in the hospital, fighting for his life with multiple gunshot wounds.

Police say that Kuhn attempted to initiate a transaction at the dealer’s location and became agitated after he learned that the dealer did not have everything that Kuhn was seeking. Kuhn then allegedly threatened the dealer with harm.

The bloodthirsty dealer, known to police, drew his own revolver and opened fire on Kuhn, striking him multiple times, all in an attempt to protect his business and associates.

Kuhn is in critical, but stable, condition.

The dealer was not arrested and has been permitted to retain his weapon.

That dealer sounds like a pretty bad guy, huh? What if we told you that the “dealer” in question was a licensed pharmacist? How about the fact that Kuhn was attempting to rob the pharmacy with what appears to be an imported ghost pistol (the ATF can’t find any data on it)?

That’s our point here. The general purpose of this blog is to point out all of the good that people do with their firearms some 50,000-2,000,000 times per year. But we also want to point out how language can be twisted to fit an agenda.

Did we lie in any of this? The pharmacist deals in drugs. Therefore he CAN be referred to as a drug dealer. Kuhn did indeed attempt to initiate a transaction and got upset when he learned that the cash register didn’t have as much money as he had hoped.

This is how the media works when they wish to push a particular viewpoint. Nothing in the above is an outright lie so much as a being, a twisting of words to create an impression in the reader’s mind.

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