Gunman Remains At-Large After CA Shooting

23 June 2016, Rio Dell, California

California’s inadequate gun safety laws have claimed another victim. The laws have, yet again, failed to protect your everyday Californian from gun violence.

This time, Whitney Hughes, 33, was shot while he was at the front door of his shooter’s home.

Of course, Mr. Hughes was attempting a burglary at the time. Using violence to ensure that the elderly homeowner was unable to summon help, Mr. Hughes took his time and then made the near-fatal mistake of turning his back on his victim; forgetting a crucial piece of information:

Americans, even Californians, are tired of criminals getting away with their crimes. Whether because the police are overworked and unable to respond in time or because the FBI refuses to prosecute despite the clear and overwhelming evidence of your guilt; we’ve had it. People are refusing to be victimized and are waking up to the need to provide for their own protection.

In this case, the elderly homeowner decided to open fire on his younger, stronger assailant, striking him in the leg.

The real miracle in all this? Not that yet another vicious predator was shot. That’s just a happy accident. The real miracle in this is that a California resident used a gun in self-defense and has not yet been charged for it.

California authorities, especially such luminaries as Attorney General Kamala Harris, are dead set against anyone even having a firearm, much less using it to defend themselves against the violent criminals who make up the majority of the her donor base. The exceptions being the legislators themselves, who have made sure to exempt themselves from the onerous laws imposed on the serfs, and a majority of the A-List members of the Film Actors Guild, the Nomenklatura to the legislature’s Duma, who have sufficient money to purchase indulgences for any rights they desire to exercise.

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