Elderly Man Shot in Early Morning Home Invasion

04 July 2016, Yulee, Florida

Timothy William Rasbeary was 72 when he was gunned down in-home, murdered by a man who had no compunction about taking a life.

To add insult to injury, the local law enforcement fully supported the slaughter of this peaceful grandfather.

Well, not really.

According to multiple news sources, this “peaceful” 72-year-old drove his van to a home on Miner Rd. in Yulee and kicked down the admittedly-flimsy front door of a house containing a man, his partner, and his two young children around 6:30 AM on Independence Day.

The homeowner awoke on hearing someone kicking in the door, moved to investigate, found an intruder who had used force to enter the house, and shot the intruder one time.

Mr. Rasbeary, the assailant, is currently listed on Gun Control propaganda sites, such as www.gunmemorial.org, as a “victim”; as well as less gun-control oriented sites such as www.gunviolencearchive.org.

While we at Interritus are saddened for the Rasbeary family’s loss, we are even further saddened that the homeowner was forced by Mr. Rasbeary into firing his weapon.

Many will decry the fact that this “peaceful” grandfather was unarmed (possibly, reports conflict) and did not need to be shot. From the comfort of a La-Z-Boy Hindsight 2020 Armchair (Quarterback Edition) this may seem to be true.

But place yourself in the homeowner’s shoes. You are sound asleep in your home, your castle, your place in which you are supposed to be free from unwarranted intrusions and molestations, when suddenly a crash awakens you, then another. You live out in the sticks, the nearest law enforcement officer is 20 minutes away. You arm yourself and move out from your room to investigate and ensure that your children, sleeping in their own room, are safe from the intruder.

You encounter a shadowy figure moving through your home. Now what?

According to the armchair SWAT Team guys, the homeowner should have continued to investigate to determine his attacker’s intent and capability for violence. Knowing NOW that the intruder did not have a gun on him and was elderly means, to the second-guessers, that homeowner should have known it then.

This is not the case.

With rare exception, the fact that Mr. Rasbeary engaged in a violent attack on an occupied dwelling, is all that is necessary to justify his death. Florida is not one of the exceptions. The victim of a violent attack is under no obligation to make a detailed investigation into his attacker’s motivations or maximum capacity for damage.

Requiring the homeowner to make such a detailed investigation into his attacker prior to engaging in self-protective measures is unreasonable and flies in the face of the natural right of self-defense as recognized in our beloved Constitution. This is one of the many, MANY reasons we moved out of the People’s Republic of Maryland.

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