Texas Child Gunned Down by Father/Son Duo

03 July 2016, Arlington, Texas

The father/son shooter team who gunned-down 18 year-old Percy Rodgers has not been arrested.

The team, only one of whom opened fire on the child, were interviewed by police after the murder, but were released to commit further acts of gun violence.

At least, that’s how Mayor Bloomberg’s Demanding Moms, his propaganda arm, “The Trace” and other astro-turf anti-self-defense mobs will spin the heartless slaying of little Percy.

Back in the real world, the facts are much different. Percy Rodgers, an 18-year-old man, made the conscious decision to attempt to rob a father and son as they conducted their lawful business at a Chevron Station around 7 PM.

It is what happened afterwards which provides our lesson.

After young Percy committed his violent assault on the father/son duo, one of Percy’s would-be victims pulled his own firearm and shot little Percy in the head.

Now, if you’re the kind of person who grows faint at the mere thought of gun or claim that you got PTSD from firing an AR-15, you probably think that itty-bitty Percy dropped like a rock from the ullt to the head.

This is not always the case. Remember what Active Self Protection’s High-Speed Dalai Lama has to say about head shots:

This is truth. Your head was evolved specifically for the purpose of protecting your brain with a nice, thick layer of bone. Bullets can and do get deflected away from the brain, especially off the thicker frontal and lower occipital bones.

In this case, young Percy was shot in the head, but was able to successfully disengage from his victims and attempt to drive off. But he didn’t make it far.

Police found him in his wrecked-out car a few blocks away and he was declared dead at Medical Center of Arlington about an hour later.

The lesson here: Shoot until the threat stops. The victims here got away with only a single gunshot. But just as Percy was determined to get away, and was able to keep going for several minutes, so too should you realize that your assailant may not know you’ve shot him and keep coming at you.

This is where training comes in handy. You need to train to continually assess the threat to determine if you keep fighting, run, or stand down. If you train to draw, fire one or two shots, and stop, you will do so in a fight. And that’s bad.

Training. Get some today.

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