Another Concealed Carry Killer Slays in Cold Blood

14 July 2016, Desoto, Texas

Antoine Devon Cooper was home free. It was 2:30 in the morning and he’d just successfully robbed a Waffle House; menacing the staff and customers with his AK-47, threatening them with death. He was making his getaway, on his way to his car, when one of the customers decided to intervene.

The customer, hanging out at the Waffle House and waiting to meet his wife, feared that she would meet Antoine on her way in, so he followed him out.

The customer drew his lawfully-carried handgun and called for Antoine to stop, attempting to prevent a known violent offender from continuing on to hurt others.

26-year-old Antoine, perhaps educated in his use of force by Hollywood, turned his superior firepower on our unnamed customer.

The customer, finding himself faced with the aforementioned superior firepower, shot Antoine.

Antoine is currently on life support.

Normally, we write these posts in such a way as to illustrate the anti-gun slant that would be place upon this story, the vilification heaped upon the lawful gun owner and the minimization of the perpetrator’s actions which justified the shooting in the first place.

But we wanted to lay out the bare facts today. We wanted to highlight the fact that, contrary to the mythology laid out in the media, a handgun can indeed beat a rifle. That an armed citizen can prevail against a better-armed opponent.

Superior tactics beat superior firepower any day of the week. In this case, the customer waited until his assailant’s back was turned and, in contrast to the progressive mantra that all lawful gun owners are just itching to shoot someone with dark skin, did not fire until the assailant attempted to shoot him.

Stay safe out there.

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