Unarmed Man Slain by Ex While Son Was Home

16 July 2016, Leitchfield, Kentucky

Patrick Dewayne Decker, 43, of Leitchfield, KY is dead, a victim of the NRA, the Republican Party, and someone who took the law into their own hands instead of letting law enforcement handle it.

Pat, a loving, caring man, who some would say loved too much, was shot down in cold blood after he tried to have a conversation with his ex-girlfriend, who stereotyped him based on his minor criminal past. Patrick, having been rebuffed by his ex, made one last attempt to profess his feelings for her, but was driven away from her door by gunfire.

He collapsed just outside his parents' home. Dead from an ironic shot to the heart.

Of course, the above is absolute bullshit. It's a way to spin it that tells the truth while leaving out the important details. You know, how most national news outlets would cover this.

Except that they didn't cover it at all.

Patrick Dewayne Decker, 43, of Leitchfield, KY, was a shithead. After a life of Burglary, Assault, Kidnapping, and Rape, Mr. Decker was slapped with a Domestic Violence Restraining Order instructing him to avoid contact with his ex-girlfriend.

After a undefined period of time in which he apparently kept to the letter of the order, Mr. Decker was able to have the order amended to allow him to move in to his parents' house. Which was NEXT DOOR to his ex-girlfriend's home, which she shared with her 11-year-old son.

Soon after, apparently unable to restrain himself, Mr. Decker violated the restraining order and began pounding on his ex's windows.

She armed herself and, possibly, phoned 9-1-1. (There is no timeline for Mr. Decker's assault, so we cannot yet know if his ex had enough time to use the phone before the next phase of the assault.)

Mr. Decker then kicked the door down, accessing her home in complete violation of the restraining order.

His ex, in complete accordance with the natural right of self-defense, defense of family, and Castle Doctrine, and in complete violation of modern, civilized, progressive Democratic National Committee Platform principles, fired multiple rounds at her attacker, repelling his assault.

Mr. Decker, as is the wont of cowards everywhere, went running back to Mommy. He collapsed in his parents' driveway and died.

Some of our beloved readers may think that we're taking a slightly harsher tone with the deceased than is our usual. We at Interritus apologize, but this makes us so angry we could spit. We came across this story right after listening to another news story detailing how guns are evil, that the police are sufficient to maintain law and order, that nobody needs a gun and are somewhat piqued at that line of...ha..."logic".

We humbly beg to differ. If the his ex had NOT had a gun, do you know what headline we'd be seeing? "Man Rapes, Kills Former Lover".

While great for establishing a baseline for future legal actions, please allow us to point out the following:


As a protective measure, a domestic violence restraining order does absolute dick in preventing a repeat offense. They are a legal record that one has been told to stay away from someone. There is no enforcement or monitoring until after one violates said order.

It is for this reason that we fight as hard as we do against the absolute Head-in-the sand STUPIDITY that is the current gun-control agenda. It is for this reason that you have the ABSOLUTE right of self-defense and the ABSOLUTE right to keep and bear the most effective tools available to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property.

If this had been in California, New York (City), New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois (Chicago), or Washington D.C., we would be reading about how the victim was taken straight to jail for committing the heinous crime of self-defense with a gun.

Now, don't get us wrong. We are not saying that women can't defend themselves though less-lethal means. We're all about not killing people when you don't have to. But, when your ex, the violent felon against whom you have an active Domestic Violence Restraining Order, comes kicking your door in on you and your child, the best and (usually) safest method to prevent the kidnapping, sexual assault, rape, or murder that he intends is to SHOOT HIM UNTIL HE IS NO LONGER A THREAT.

As you go to the polls this November, please bear this in mind, that while both parties are full of dicks, only one group is actively campaigning to take away an enumerated Constitutional right. Only one party is working hard to ensure that this woman, and women like her, are absolutely defenseless against this kind of assault.

Not everyone gets round-the-clock Secret Service Protection, You deserve your rights.

Refuse to be a victim.

Stand up for your rights.

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