Man of God Opens Fire at Employee

30 June 2016, Fort Worth, Texas

Stephanie Belton (pictured far right), an employee of Rev’s Funeral Parlor in Ft. Worth, is recovering in the hospital after surviving a fight with an armed attacker in the parking lot as she was trying to go home.

Ms. Belton lost part of a finger and has a bullet lodged near her spine, but will survive. This is due to two things.

1. Ms. Belton put up a fight. She put up one heck of a fight, grabbing the gun pointed at her and attempting to disarm her attacker.

2. The Rev. Charles Williams (also pictured), her boss, saw what was going down as he was getting into his own car. The attacker noticed the Reverend and opened fire on him. This spurred the Reverend to hustle back into the office and grab the 16-gauge shotgun kept there.

The Rev came out of the funeral home slinging shot at the miscreant, but he escaped.

Ft. Worth police are looking for a skinny black man in his late teens or early 20’s standing about 5’6” or 5’7”. His hair is in braids and, in true guy-who-robs-local-funeral-homes fashion, he had no shirt on. It is not known if the assailant was hit.

What we do know is that Ms. Belton is lucky. Transition areas, such as parking lots, are dangerous.

As far back as the days of yore, where everything was Ye Olde ____, boundary areas have always been recognized as dangerous. This led to multiple folk beliefs regarding such things as crossroads, the border between the forest and the field, the shoreline, or the road into the mountains; places where one thing becomes another.

Why are these places dangerous? Because you’re less focused. You’re distracted by crossing whatever boundary. You’re juggling your keys, your cell phone, maybe a kid and some groceries.

In Ms. Belton’s case, she’d finished a long day as an office manager, dealing with coworkers, the dead, the bereaved, and the government. She was most definitely not 100% while she was getting into her car and most likely simply failed to see the attack coming.

What we find to be especially disturbing, though, is the fact that Ms. Belton’s attacker seemed determined to shoot her, firing multiple shots at her as he ran off, striking her in the side and lodging a bullet near her spine.

If Ms. Belton’s boss hadn’t come out and raised holy hell with his own firearm, Ms. Belton would not be here today.

Just remember, guns are evil. So evil that even a man of God has one in his place of business, having sold his cloak to buy a sword.

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