Palm Coast Marijuana User Shot and Killed During Raid

13 July 2016, Palm Coast, Florida

“I just closed my eyes and shot twice and then my gun stopped working.”

That’s the crock of bull that Darien Corbett, 21, of Palm Coast, Florida, sold to investigators after he slew Victor James Betty, 28, claiming it to be a totally random home invasion instead of the deliberate murder of a fellow human being.

Corbett claims that Victor and his accomplice, Carl Devore, 19, burst into the home waving guns around in a quest for marijuana.

If this is the case, then why didn’t Mr. Corbett just hand it over? It is an article of faith amongst progressives that weed is OK and non-violence is the only acceptable answer for non-government personnel. (Unless you’re a bit more extreme in your views, then even government agents have no right to use deadly force.)

And then we have the fact that Mr. Corbett engaged in a reckless use of force by closing his eyes and firing wildly until his (cheaply made, poorly maintained or poorly handled) pistol jammed.

Of course, there’s also the fact that, since April, police have responded to the 21-year-old’s residence 5 separate times investigating reports of suspicious activity, criminal mischief, and disturbance.

All of this amounts to what SHOULD be prosecuted as a cold-blooded murder, but the corrupt Florida police, possibly in the pay of the NRA or even Wayne LaPierre himself, have ruled the killing to be justifiable in a blatant attempt to push the gun lobby’s “Guns Everywhere!” plan to make more money from gun manufacturers by pushing the “Rambo” image of Good Guys with Guns personally defending their hearth and home from “Bad” Guys With Guns.

Iy is unconscionable that Mr. Corbett walks free and Victor Betty is dead, with Victor’s friend Carl sitting in jail for a murder committed by another man.

At the very least, Mr. Corbett should be charged with failing to do his utmost to prevent loss of life through his failure to call police during his retreat before he pulled a gun.

Of course, Mr. Corbett would not have shot Mr. Betty if Betty and Devore had not kicked their way into Mr. Corbett’s house. Mr. Betty would be alive today if he had not committed a violent, armed felony. Mr. Devore would not be sitting in a Flagler County jail cell if he had not followed Mr. Betty into Mr. Corbett’s house, himself armed and threatening the residents in search of marijuana.

In spite of whatever emotional claptrap peddled to the mob by politicians looking to score cheap political points, this is a textbook defensive gun use.

Florida is a Castle Doctrine state. This means that a man’s home is his castle and that he has the absolute right to remain free and unmolested in his home. He has the absolute right to use force to defend himself, his family, and other residents of the home when threatened with unlawful force.

Mr. Corbett was in his home, minding his own business. Messrs. Betty and Devore used unlawful force to enter Mr. Corbett’s home. Betty and Devore compounded this use of force by using unlawfully-possessed firearms to threaten the lives of Mr. Corbett and his friends.

Under Florida’s Felony Murder Rule, if you commit a felony and one of your accomplices is killed, then you are responsible for the death as if you’d pulled the trigger yourself.

Unless their head is buried DEEP in the sand, unwilling to recognize the most basic principles of human rights, even a hardcore Clinton supporter must accept that Corbett was well within his rights to defend himself against the threat of murder.

However, Mr. Corbett needs more training and a better gun.

His statement to police that he closed his eyes before shooting is disturbing to me in the fact that he did not realize the precarious legal position in which he placed himself.

If he’d missed and hit an innocent instead of some bastard criminal, he would have been in major trouble; at the very least a civil suit for negligence, if not criminal prosecution of rmanslaughter if he’d killed someone who didn’t have it coming to him.

Further, Mr. Corbett’s gun jammed. This indicates one of three things, either he failed to maintain his defensive firearm, his firearm was VERY cheaply made, or his fundamentals sucked hard enough that they caused the jam.

Take these lessons to heart:

Know the laws in your state. If you're a transplant from a free state to a slave state, such as MD or New Jersey, what would be an open and shut self-defense case is now a crime, because those states don’t appreciate having the criminals/their voter base shot up by what they perceive to be inbred hillbilly rednecks.

Maintain your defensive firearm. If you have call to use it, this is a situation in which you, quite literally, are betting your life. Rust, gunk, dust, and lint all inhibit the smooth operation of a firearm. DO NOT LET THESE BUILD UP.

Invest in a quality defensive firearm. Taurus, Hi-point, Zephyr, and Jimenez are all very low-priced, low quality handguns. If you absolutely, positively have to have a gun now and that’s all you can afford, buy one and trade up as soon as you can. As Professional Instructors, we cannot speak to the manufacturing processes used by these companies, but we can state that we have had too many of these pistols fail to make it all the way through one of our courses without suffering a mechanical failure.

You’ll get a few shots off but, again, you want the best quality, most reliable defensive firearm you are able to buy. THIS IS YOUR LIFE YOU ARE WAGERING.

Lastly, get some training. If Mr. Corbett’s fundamentals (grip, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger control) were bad enough, especially his grip, he may have caused a jam. A weak or loose grip, a limp-wristed grip, or riding of the recoil (pulling the gun back to reduce felt recoil) can induce malfunctions in even the highest quality of firearm.

Further, training is not optional. It may not be mandated, but if you are serious about defending yourself and others while ensuring that you expose yourself to minimal legal risks, then you need to take as much training as you can afford.

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