Gun Owner Nearly Kills Apartment Residents

02 July 2016, Janesville, Wisconsin

Yet another gun owner has recklessly discharged his firearm, endangering the public in the mistaken belief that guns stop crime. According to police, a man walked into someone else’s apartment in an attempt to burgle the place. The resident, another member of the gun lobby who believes that guns solve everything, awakened to find the man in his apartment and fired a single shot at the “intruder”.

The intruder finding himself under fire, ran from the apartment.

Authorities eventually showed up and, once the intruder had safely fled, set up a cordon to show willingness to catch the guy.

Now, while this is an open and shut case of self-defense, we would like to take this time to remind you that you NEED to train. You NEED to practice shooting under stress.

Why? Because if you miss and you strike an innocent or do damage to property, then YOU are responsible for the damage, death, and destruction you cause in the course of defending yourself.

While we cannot endorse the wanton taking of human life, we can state that out of all possible outcomes for you during a defensive gun use, shooting the person you’re aiming at is not the worst.

Worst is your shot striking an innocent person. Don’t let that happen.

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