Sicko with Rifle Opens Fire on the Needy

03 July 2016, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma

Wayne Forrest is lucky to still be here. Here he is, going through the fight of his life when some d-bag decided to make sure a rifle gets involved in his life, too.

Wayne and his wife were sleeping quietly out in Okmulgee County when their dogs started barking. Wayne went out to investigate and found a man, Jeff Ray Gage, 44, sitting at his table.

Now, this wasn’t a random robbery. Gage was there for a reason and stated so loudly and clearly, he wanted Mr. Forrest’s pain pills.

Mr. Forrest has cancer. Mr. Forrest needs those pills to make his life bearable. Mr. Forrest was not giving those pills up.

Therefore, a fight ensued.

Eventually, Mr. Gage left house and loaded Mr. Forrest’s saddles into his car; probably in order to sell them.

Mr. Gage was getting back into his car by the time Mr. Forrest was able to arm himself to come stop the robbery. However, Mr. Gage decided that instead of cutting his losses, he would take personal offense to Mr. Forrest’s retrieval of a rifle.

He got back out of his car and advanced on MR. Forrest, threatening to kill him.

Now, this was guff of a sort of which Mr. Forrest was taking none. He fired a single round at Mr. Gage, striking him and driving him off.

Mr. Gage’s crashed car was found a few miles away with Mr. Forrest’s saddles still inside.

Mr. Gage was captured a few days later.

Mr. Forrest is still cancer ridden and now his sense of security in his home, his castle, is forever shaken. He was lucky to have his MK9 Alarm System to alert him to the presence of the intruder, otherwise this may have had a very different, and sadder outcome.

This is something many people fail to realize: A good alarm system, biological, electronic, or analog, is an essential first layer of defense. If your first notification that someone is breaking in is the movement of someone in the house then you’re behind the power curve and playing catch-up.

You don’t have to spend a lot on an alarm system anymore. With the advent of low-cost, customizable, DIY-install systems, you can step back, take a good look at your living space, and at least upgrade the areas which are most likely to be targeted by criminals on your house.

On most houses, these are the main doors and larger windows.

Don’t have enough cash to put sensors on each door and window? Then make sure that you have good locks and get a glass-break sensor placed to cover more than one window to bolster your front and rear door sensors.

Pro-tip: Make sure that, if you have a monitored system and live in a high-crime area, you have paid your city or county monitoring fee.

You can tell you live in a high-crime area if you have a high population density, the local government is majority Blue, and has been so for decades. For more information, see: Baltimore, Washington D.C., Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Los Angeles, Detroit, NYC, Boston, etc…

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