Black Man Gunned Down by White Rambo-Type in San Antonio

21 July 2016, San Antonio, Texas

Troy Wilson, 42, was shot down where he stood while he knocked on a door in NW San Antonio.

Troy knocked on the door to the house around 10 A.M., but the homeowner, a gun owner and therefore most likely a racist (most old, white, male gun owners are, aren’t they?), was alarmed at Troy’s request and fired one round THROUGH the door, hitting him in the chest and killing him without giving him even a CHANCE to explain what he wanted.

Bill McWhithey, the old, white racist in question, told reporters that he gave Troy several commands to leave, but that Troy failed to comply.

Of course, that’s not the entire story, and it’s no wonder that this shooting of a black man by a white man didn’t make the mainstream progressive sites like CNN.

Mr. McWhithey is not a racist. That’s just something that seems to be projected on white gun owners by some of the more extreme factions of the Disarmament mobs. It also caught your attention, didn’t it?

Mr. McWhithey is, however, a 70 year-old former Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel and author. According to San Antonio Police (SAPD), LTC McWhithey and his wife were enjoying a quiet morning at home when the incident occurred.

Mr. Wilson parked his car in a nearby driveway and walked a block or so to LTC McWhithey’s home where he began pounding on the door.

LTC McWhithey and his wife responded to the commotion at the door. He ordered Wilson away from the door and instructed his wife to get their home defense gun. He then repeated his order for Wilson to depart, warned him about the gun and, once the door began to break, fired one shot.

The gunshot struck Wilson in the chest. He died at the scene.

Again, it’s not surprising that this didn’t make the national news. An elderly former Special Forces soldier (just like Rambo) engaged in a justifiable use of deadly force against a home invader. There’s no way to spin this, other than as we’ve conjectured above, to make this fit the whole “OMG! GUNZ R EVIL!” hysteria flooding out of the Gun Ban mobs; especially after the gun violence-free RNC Convention we just had.

And, regardless of the shooter’s previous experience, how else would one expect a mobility-impaired, elderly couple to protect themselves from a home invasion? Hobble away? Wait the 20-30 minutes it may take for SAPD to respond, hoping the intruder goes away on his own or, at least, doesn’t hurt them too badly until other people with guns arrive to stop the threat?

THAT thought is laughable at best and, on consideration of how badly the DNC is working to make sure that the weak and defenseless have no means of protecting themselves, frightening at worst.

When progressives talk about disarming the country, they usually picture an old, fat, white, racist, Conservative (meaning: racist), Southern Baptist/Prosperity Gospel-believing (meaning: racist), male dressed in camouflage, wearing an NRA hat and a sleeveless denim vest with ‘The South Will Rise Again” Embroidered over lynching on the back.

They don’t picture the single mother confronting a burglar in her home, the elderly couple fighting off a home invasion, the single-mother (again) fighting off her rapist, the elderly woman shooting her mugger.

These are the people who NEED a firearm. The old, the infirm, the people who will be preyed upon by the young and strong, regardless of any ineffective gun bans emoted into law.

When you vote for someone who promises to enact “Australian-style” gun control, a ban and confiscation is what you’re actually voting for. Disarming the weak is what you’re voting for.

Remember that at the polls when you go to cast that ballot. A vote for anyone promising “Aussie-style” gun control will disproportionately burden the law-abiding, the weak, and the disenfranchised.

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