Gunman "Feels Threatened", Opens Fire at Arizona Circle-K

01 August 2016, Glendale, Arizona

Frank Taylor, 27, father to a 1-week-old, was shot dead by Carol Ann Linda Miracle.

Carol-Ann Linda Miracle, 23, has an arrest record and, because she lives in Maricopa County, the new home of racism in America, a gun.

According to Carol-Ann, she felt threatened by little Frank. So she drew her gun, shot him down like he was some common thug, and then fled the scene with his blood still on her hands.

It could be questioned, Why did Carol-Ann have a gun? Why did she feel the need to take a father away from his newborn child? And, Why did she feel the need to deprive a man of due process and act as judge, jury, and executioner to a man who hadn’t done her any harm?

The answers, of course, are:

She had a gun because it’s her right as an American. She has an arrest record, but no convictions that we could find.

She had no idea that the man trying to rob her was a father and it would be irrelevant if she did.

And lastly, Frank Taylor actually was a common thug and was attempting to do her great harm. It can hardly be said that he was doing her no harm when he had a gun pressed to her neck whilst demanding she turn over her openly-carried personal defense weapon and her money.

So, what actually happened? Why is there no statement from the Gun Control Mobs about how Frank should be alive and with his little baby (THINK OF THE CHILDREN!) or that this woman is a danger to society, running around with her gun visible and probably just BEGGING for someone to give her the excuse?

There’s no statement because it would look very bad for these organizations to come out and say that a 90lb woman deserved to be assaulted, even though that’s what they believe. She was a gun owner and deserves every bit of violence directed against her. And there’s no way that they could approve any use of a gun which makes them look like they are the most effective tools for self-defense, especially when you assailant outmatches you in every other way (weight, height, reach, initiative).

So, having a gun to her neck, she was faced with a decision: submit or fight?

She chose fight. Drawing her pistol she opened fire, striking her attacker, Frank, in the midsection, killing him.

She then looked at her surroundings and saw a bunch of strangers, any one of which may be working with Frank to attack a 90lb 23 year-old female.

This left her with her text tactical quandary: Stay and possibly have to fight it out with any of Frank’s accomplices or flee the scene to a safer area? She made the tactical decision to flee to her home, which was nearby.

This is where, in our non-lawyer opinion, she began to make a few errors. Not the decision to take flight, which was tactically sound, but her conversation with the 9-1-1 Dispatcher, which she had once she got to a safer location.

NBC 12News released a partial transcript of the call:

DISPATCHER: Okay he put the gun to your head?

MIRACLE: To my neck.

DISPATCHER: Okay and you had a gun on you?

MIRACLE: I had it on my side in my holster, and he walked up to me and he said, ‘Hey it’s loaded.’ And he told me to hand over my gun. I pulled it out of the holster and I shot him.

DISPATCHER: Where did you shoot him? Do you know?

MIRACLE: Um, in the stomach.

MIRACLE: Am I going to go to jail for defending myself?

DISPATCHER: That’s … I mean I’m not going to say yes or no. Alright, officers are on their way to come and talk to you, okay? So I mean I’m glad you called. Okay and you always have every right to defend yourself.

DISPATCHER: Do you have your hands up?


[Muffled voice]

DISPATCHER: Is that the officer?

MIRACLE: Yes, I’m talking to him right now.

Can you spot it? We can.

Luckily, this occurred in Maricopa County, AZ; Ms. Miracle will get a high-five.

If this had occurred in one of the slave states (California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, or Washington D.C.) this conversation would be more than enough to see her in jail and strung out to dry by politicians who are more interested in scoring points with their anti-gun base and other criminals than in anything approaching justice.

Why? Because of this exchange:

MIRACLE: [...] I pulled it out of the holster and I shot him.

DISPATCHER: Where did you shoot him? Do you know?

MIRACLE: Um, in the stomach.

That section of tape would be played for the jury over and over and over and over.

The 9-1-1 dispatcher’s job is to get as much information as possible from you in order to relay it to the responder; be that fire, EMS, or law enforcement. However, that conversation is recorded and is usually subject to being introduced as evidence.

You need to avoid admissions of guilt. They will come back to haunt you at your trial and civil suit.

There are many legal services out there who, for a nominal monthly fee, will provide you with instant or near-instant access to a lawyer in the event of a use of force.

The appropriate process she SHOULD have followed is, more or less, as follows:

1. Get to safety.

2. Call 9-1-1.

3. Inform 9-1-1 that you were attacked and forced to defend yourself without admitting guilt.


5. On their arrival, be unarmed and obey all officer commands. Expect to be cuffed and searched.

6. Politely, but firmly, inform the investigating officer that you were attacked, were forced to defend yourself, whether or not YOU need medical attention, and that you have every intention of cooperating with their investigation just as soon as you speak to your lawyer.


You’re going to be stressed. You’re going to be upset. You’ve just had to do a thing which you never actually expected to have to do.

You’re going to want someone to talk to and that nice officer is so kind and friendly, you can talk to him, right?

Well…yes and no.

We here at Interritus love law enforcement. They do a dangerous job and deserve our full support.

But when it comes to the investigation of YOUR use of force, do you want to risk saying something that even the officer may consider innocuous but the DA’s investigators will find highly suspicious and indicative of a guilty mind? Invoke your 5th amendment right to silence and let your lawyer or public defender sort it out for you once all of the adrenaline wears off.

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