Redneck Murders Friend, NRA-Owned Sheriff Rules It "Justifiable" Homicide

27 July 2016, Buffalo, Missouri

An unidentified homeowner has shot his friend. This is what happens you let anyone other than specially-trained police and military have access to evil firearms.

Sure, the Sheriff (not pictured) is saying that the homeowner was under threat from someone he only described as someone who the home owner knew (rather than a friend), but what else would you expect from some NRA-funded hillbillies?

A quote from some brainwashed redneck summed it all up when she said, “It takes the sheriff’s a little while to get out here. You kinda have to fend for yourself.” Which is really just code for “We’re all just itching to commit cold-blooded murder and we don’t bother with due process; preferring being judge, jury, and executioner, depriving an innocent man of his right to life, to any form of law.”

Honestly, why can’t the hicks in the sticks come into the 21st century? Is submitting, fleeing, or waiting for the cops to come arrest the assailant too threatening to their manhood?

Sure, it may take 20, 40, or 120 minutes for law enforcement to arrive, or they may not show up at all, but if the person inside the house would simply hand over their valuables, then nobody would need to be hurt. Most criminals, regardless of what the NRA-bought politicians tell you, just want your cash, valuables, and maybe a little physical contact with another human being.

Is a little lovin’ too much to give someone in exchange for your life? Especially if the alternative is to use a gun to force your masculine will upon your “attacker”?

The truth that the gun-lobby and their media shills won’t talk about is that there is no justification for using a gun on another person...ever. That whole “good guy with a gun” mythos is designed to play into the stereotypes gun owners have of themselves as law-abiding citizens rather than the future murderers they really are.

Isn’t it worth a few extra injured “victims” to reduce the scourge of gun-deaths like this one in Buffalo. If it’s a legitimate burglary, the police will eventually arrest the perpetrator and, in the highly unlikely event of your demise at their hands, the police will do their utmost to investigate your death. So just sit tight and wait for the police to arrive.

Still beats using a gun.

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