Screaming, Angry Gun Carrier Opens Fire on Unarmed Man

09 August 2016, Kansas City, Missouri

Monte Hill, an unarmed man, didn’t want any trouble. Monte Hill just wanted to live his life his own way. Unfortunately, trouble found little Monte.

This time, trouble took the form of an inordinately upset, screaming man with a gun. The man shot Monte, sending him to the hospital.

Strangely enough (and the reason you won’t see this on any national news site) the shooter in question was angry because little, innocent, 30-year-old Monte had just broken through the shooter’s glass back door and was trying to enter home with a gun.

The homeowner, at first unarmed, channeled his fear and anger into constructive forces. He engaged an armed Monte in hand-to-hand fighting and gained enough control of the firearm to shoot Monte off of his own gun, retaining control of the firearm and allowing Monte to crawl away with a bullet in his gut.

Officers found little Monte in the homeowner’s yard, suffering the consequences of the decision to break into a home.

Now, let us give credit where credit is due, Monte was up front and cooperative. He has taken full responsibility for his actions and flat out told the police that the homeowner shot him because he was breaking into the homeowner’s residence.

That calls for some props. Rarely do you find a criminal willing to stand up and say, “Yes! I committed that felony and got what was coming to me.” Usually their lawyer or their mother stands up to tell us how wonderful they were or that they were turning their life around or that they are victims of a cruel, uncaring society.

Don’t get us wrong. What little Monte did was wrong and he should pay for his crime, but you have to respect someone who owns their actions.

So, what’s the lesson here boys and girls? Home Carry.

If you feel you have to investigate that noise, go armed. Going hand-to-hand is a dicey prospect at best. Keeping some stand-off distance is always best.

And while we would prefer that you hunker down in your safe area and await professional assistance, if you have a compelling reason to go forth, go armed.

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