Gun Carrier Shot During Attempted Armed Robbery/Mass Shooting

09 August 2016, Charlotte, North Carolina

Police responded to a man with a gunshot wound in the 5200 block of Garden Trace Court in Charlotte. The man, who was shot during an attempted robbery, was taken by ambulance to Carolinas Medical Center for treatment.

The man will be arrested on his release from the hospital.

You ask why? We’ll tell you why.

The “victim” in this case was no victim at all. The actual victim was 6 miles away, on Mellwood Dr., coming down off of a massive adrenaline dump after surviving a glimpse of Hillary’s America.

This America, impoverished and without the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (because guns are scary and, besides, anyone who matters has armed guards; screw those plebians) sees an increase in crime as people struggle to survive; banding together in gangs outside of their Democrat controlled safe-havens (aka Major Cities) to protect themselves from the raiders from within them.

In this case, three armed raiders descended upon a lone individual, seeking to deprive him of his valuables and possibly his life.

In a shocking twist, three armed raiders fled from a man who returned fire on his attackers and sending one to the hospital.

Speed, Surprise, Violence of Action.

When you are targeted by a band of felons looking for an easy score, they are working from a profile and following a script in their heads. Very few of these former straight D Ticket voters want a fight. They want your money and valuables. They expect you to see that you are outnumbered and outgunned and to meekly submit to their overwhelming force.

(Strangely, this is also what those who seek to disarm you want you to do. From their well-fortified homes, surrounded by their armed private guards or taxpayer-funded security details, their preference would have been that this victim meekly submit, praying that his attackers don’t hurt him too badly or that the police arrive faster than the national average of 11 minutes later to call an ambulance and take his report.)

So, what happened? How did this group of hardcore hoodlums fail their mission?

They failed because their victim broke their train of thought, forcing them to think about what was going on and slowing their reaction time.

Once that happened, their victim was running the show and working to move the encounter in the direction he wanted it to go; namely for them to stop their attack and leave him alone. Once one of their buddies was hit, they were forced to make the choice between continuing their assault or getting their boy to a hospital.

They went with driving him six miles away and calling 9-1-1. They were even able to truthfully say that that their associate had been shot during an attempted armed robbery.

On investigation, the police found out exactly what their role in that was, but it was a good try.

Our point in all of this? When you are assaulted you have three options and none of them are good. Your good option, avoid the situation, has already gone away.

You can run. You may get away. Or you may be chased, wounded, or killed.

You can submit. You may end up unharmed, mildly injured, severely injured, or dead.

You can resist. You may end up successfully ending the attack, unharmed, mildly injured, severely injured, dead, jailed, or sued into oblivion.

So, which is best? A joker would quote Conan, “To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you. [And] hear the lamentations of their women.”

In reality, there is no “best”. Its’ up to you, in the moment, to make the determination of which offers you your best odds and go with that.

You may win, you may lose, but make a decision and run with it.

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