Man Shot Dead While Using Neighbor's Bathroom

29 July 2016, Snellville, Georgia

Mountain Cove is a quiet subdivision. Low crime rate, neighbors all know each other, lots of old trees and larger, older homes.

So, it was shocking to the neighbors when they found out that, around 4 am, their neighbor, Willie Wofford, murdered neighbor Michael Silva, 25.

Access to the neighborhood was blocked as the police investigated the incident. According to statements, Slick Willie shot Michael Silva while he was using Willie’s restroom.

Wofford will not be charged, the NRA has bad sure of that.

Now, there’s always more to it. And this time, there’s a lot.

According to police, Mr. Wofford, who was identified to NBC11 by his stepson, was sleeping peacefully in an upstairs bedroom in what he thought was a moderately secure home. Then, around 4 AM, he awoke to strange noises.

Those strange noises were coming from his upstairs bathroom.

Now, when you live in an older home, they often make noises as they settle and as various systems get more or less use than the rest of the day.

But…these noises had been made by Michael Silva placing a ladder against his eaves, crawling up onto the roof, and forcing his way into Mr. Wofford’s upstairs bathroom.

Mr. Wofford, unsure of exactly what he was hearing, armed himself and went to investigate. He encountered Mr. Silva still trying to crawl in through the window. Mr. Wofford fired once, striking Silva in the face.

Police found Silva dead on the roof.

Wofford will not be charged as self-defense is not a crime in Georgia.

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