CA Politicians Working to Ensure This Kind of Gun Violence Never Happens Again

07 August 2016, Norwalk, California

Never EVER again.

An unnamed Norwalk, California man was shot during a home-invasion/armed robbery early on Sunday. It’s this kind of random violence that the measures termed “The Gunpocalypse” by the NRA and their usual crew of old, uneducated, white supremacist, hillbillies have been designed to curtail. Once every facet of firearms purchase and ownership is strictly controlled, taxed, and eventually eliminated, we won’t have these issues anymore.

This man wouldn’t have had to take a bullet and could have gone on about his business.

Fortunately for him, the man survived. But we question if he needed to be shot to be shot? Yes, he’d managed to equip himself with a knife, but that doesn’t make him a threat to a man with a gun, does it? If everyone had just calmed down and let the invader take what he wanted, then nobody would have been shot, would they?

Then they could have simply waited for police to show up, give their report, and get on with their lives.

And while this makes sense to the un-gun-educated legal wizards who write anti-self-defense (gun control) laws from the safety of their secure residences, surrounded by high-tech electronic security systems and tax-payer funded armed guards, and which are pushed by the rich, smarter-than-you, liberals from the safety of their even-more-secure residences, surrounded by their publicists and heavily-armed body guards, this does not make sense to the family that had to live the terror of a home invasion/armed robbery.

And that’s what actually happened.

Around 2 AM, a woman in residence at the home in Norwalk heard the sounds of an intruder. She alerted her the rest of the household, all of whom retreated with the children to a back room; allowing their knife-wielding attacker free rein to ransack the house.

But, unsurprisingly, that wasn’t enough for the unnamed attacker. He continued through the house and assaulted a French door, behind which the children were being sheltered.

Thankfully, California hasn’t yet gone full you-know-what. So, male resident, armed with his not-yet-illegal defensive handgun, shot their attacker in the torso.

The attacker fled, but holes in your body do tend to slow you down, so he was picked up about a block away and taken to the hospital.

California is a strange state, their politics generally favor the violent criminals which their revolving-door justice system refuses to rehabilitate before releasing back into the community to continue terrorizing the populace. Yet, unless the shooter was in illegal possession of the gun or was found to be in violation of some other laws, this will be ruled self-defense; to the chagrin of the gun control mobs.

But, let’s not yet rule out the idiots in the CA Legislature or the National Democratic Party, working hard to end the scourge of self-defense plaguing the violent criminals of this nation.

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