"Responsible Gun Owner" Discharges Assault Rifle w/Children Present, 1 Dead

10 August 2016, Pineville, Missouri

Little Bobby G. Sullivan is dead after a domestic dispute, shot down by a bullet from yet another death-dealing assault rifle.

The local prosecutor, a wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA and Affiliated Death Merchants, Inc, has determined that he deserved to be shot and that his murderer, 34 year-old Gavin L. Meredith, was slaying in self-defense.

The difficulty with prosecuting the obviously guilty Meredith stems from multiple sources:

1. The sheer level of Republican, redneck, racist, hillbilly pro-gun feeling in the area, which results in these morons having a say in self-defense laws and prosecutions which should be written by their college-educated, level-headed betters.

2. The vast number of “witnesses” the NRA and its affiliate, Handheld Childkilling Devices, Ltd, were able to buy, all of whom had suspiciously similar stories.

The lies told by the NRA-bought “witnesses” all say the same thing: that Meredith was grilling in his yard when he was assaulted by Sullivan, 37, but was able to break free and flee into his mobile home, was able to place his children in a safe location inside the mobile home, and then was able to move back to the front of his mobile home with a rifle to deal with the threat outside.

Now, we all should see where these outright lies are going. No level-headed person is going to attempt to re-engage after successfully fleeing. Why didn’t Meredith just stay inside his mobile home and let the police take care of Sullivan? Instead, he acted as his own Judge Judy and executioner by shooting, simultaneously depriving Sully of his right to a trial by jury and his right to life.

Additionally, all of the witnesses missed the part where the Little Bobby’s body was dragged inside the mobile home and blood was spattered on the walls by NRA agents to make it appear that he had made it inside the mobile home. But nobody talks about the Agents of the NRA, working to make sure that these tools of evil get positive press.

Even if Sully HAD somehow managed to break down a shoddily constructed door and get into the mobile home, where was the fairness? Meredith had a gun. Sully didn’t.

Meredith should have put his gun aside and faced Sully like the macho man that he was, kids in the other room be damned. They didn’t need to hear the gunfire, they didn’t need to be put at risk by the bullets flying all around the mobile home.

Frankly we think that New York or California should issue arrest warrants for Bobby Meredith. He murdered a man in cold blood, convinced prosecutors that it was self-defense, discharged a gun in a residential area, and fired a gun around children.

At the very least, if we can get enough right-thinking states, like New York, Illinois, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, and Connecticut to take action against him, then he’ll be trapped in Missouri, unable to set foot in a peaceful, law abiding place, like Chicago’s South Side or New York City, without being arrested on sight.

Who’s with us? Contact your Congressman today to push for meaningful, commonsense legislation to keep these cold-blooded, fat, racist Koncealed Karry Killers away from those of us who wish to live a gun-free life in a city without having to worry about being shot by these “responsible gun owners”

Back here in reality, though, we think that Mr. Meredith was well within his rights and acted responsibly by shutting his kids in a safe area before engaging the threat.

Our major issue with this incident is the fact that Mr. Meredith fired a warning shot.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, WARNING SHOTS ARE GENERALLY A BAD IDEA. You either have to take your eye off the treat or you are shooting blindly. Neither of these is conducive to safe gun handling.

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