Clerk Opens Fire in Customer's Direction

18 August 2016, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

We exhausted our supply of sarcasm on the previous post, so here’re the facts:

A clerk working the early evening shift at a Maderas Brothers Mini Market was minding his own business or, rather, minding the business of the Mini Market. He was dealing with a customer when a masked man rushed the counter, pointing a handgun at the innocent clerk and causing the customer to flee.

The problem with the robbers plan is that it presumes compliance and a willingness to put up with the levels of guff attendant upon such an endeavor. And unfortunately for the robber, that was the type and level of guff up with which the clerk would not put. Moreover, the clerk was better armed.

Reacting to having a gun shoved into his face, the clerk ducked behind concealment to his right, causing the felon to have to react in turn, attempting to lean around the concealment to keep his gun trained on the clerk.

He failed, and the clerk came up with a shotgun, opening fire on the criminal, wounding him and causing him to flee.

The miscreant has not yet turned up at a hospital, though we know he’s wounded as he left a blood trail. Unfortunately, the night of the incident was rainy and the trail washed away.

So, what is our lesson? The lesson is that you need to be ready to react in an instant. Our protagonist ducked behind cover, forcing his assailant to deviate from his plan of dealing with a cowering victim. Further, he came up locked and loaded, ready to fire and as soon as he had a bead on his target, he did.

Pellets struck the animal, causing him to flee, and peppered some of the stock and the walls.

The clerk and the customer were shaken, but unharmed.

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