Racist Sets Trap, Shoots Hispanic Man

19 August 2016, San Antonio, TX

An unnamed 34 year-old Hispanic man was double-tapped by a gun-wielding racist (redundant, we know) who didn’t like the fact that the 34 year-old was on his lawn.

The attempted murderer (“attempted” as he failed in his racist bloodlust to kill the man) had installed motion sensors to cover his lawn after previous brown people refused to keep off of it. This time, he was ready.

The alarm went off and, killing device in hand, he sprang from the safety of his home to commit the murder he has dreamed about. He saw the man and opened fire. Missing anything vital due to “buck” fever and striking the man twice in the leg.

The 34 year-old was taken to the hospital, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

The shooter will walk free. No charges, no DoJ investigation into this attempt to deprive a man of his civil rights. All thanks to the NRA and the Death Peddlers employing them to bribe police and prosecutors across the nation.

This is, we admit, a less than stellar example of Use of Force to Protect Property. Generally, when your detached, non-residential structure is under attack, you’re expected to stay in the safety of your home, call the police, and wait for them to come sort it out.

The problem arises when you live in a large city and the police are busy patrolling sectors populated by rich, white Democrats.

Our shooter has had his storage building broken into multiple times. Due to the fact that he did not yet have alarm technology installed, he was unaware of the intrusion until the next time he went into his back-yard.

This time he did. But given that San Antonio’s non-violent crime emergency response time is measured in tens of minutes at times, he decided that he needed to stop the burglary in progress himself, rather than wait for an officer to come take the report and for his stolen items to never be returned.

The reason this is a less-than-stellar incident is that, technically, deadly force is not authorized for simple theft or criminal mischief during the daytime in San Antonio.

So even though the police are ruling this shooting justified and that there will be no charges against the shooter, when the burglar sues, and he will, the shooter is going to have to prove that this wasn’t a trap, and that force was used at some point.

The reason for this is that Texas law generally holds that you may use force, but not deadly force, against Simple Trespass, and Theft/Criminal Mischief During the Daytime. But you may use force, including deadly force against Burglary (using force to gain entry), Armed Robbery (using force against a person to gain their stuff), and Assault (Using Unlawful Force Against a Person) anytime.

Given that this is Texas and if we were lawyers, we would advise the burglar to not sue. Unlike California, where many of the courts will throw out the reason the guy was there in the first place (the Burglary), especially if the burglar was stopped with a gun, most Texan justices will allow the jury to be briefed on why the plaintiff was there in the first place (he was committing a felony or violent felony) and he will most assuredly lose his case and be on the hook for legal fees that he will never be able to pay with his impending prison sentence, medical bills, and the violent felony.

Now, why was the burglar shot in the leg? Do you think that it was on purpose? Why? When we teach you to shoot, and when we take the live-fire Proficiency Demonstration test, we shoot center-mass.

Center-mass is the center of whatever space is available on your target. Aiming here is the best way to ensure that you hit your target.

Gun Muggles (the gun uneducated) and the Ministry of Magic (the Democratic Party, RINOs, and other willfully ignorant morons who make feel-good gun laws with no thought beyond reelection) fail to understand this, and continually ask, “Why wasn’t he shot in the leg? Yes, he was committing a rape at gunpoint after murdering the little girl’s mom, but he was it was his first offense. You shouldn’t die for a first offense!”

Deliberately aiming at the extremities significantly increases your likelihood of a miss. If you miss your target, you are still responsible for wherever that bullet goes, and whatever that bullet hits. In other words, it’s a great way to ensure that you go from victim to perpetrator in under a second.

Center of mass. It’s the best place to aim. And it’s most likely where our shooter was aiming, but when you fail to go to the range regularly, bad habits creep back in. Between the adrenaline and fear, we’re willing to bet that he anticipated his shot.

Anticipation of the shot is when you apply a forward pressure to the top of the grip or otherwise force the muzzle down in anticipation of recoil. Unless you are Robocop, you are not fast enough to do this well, and it results in you hitting low on the target.

Go train.

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