Homeowner Shoots Cannon at Pedestrian, Walks

21 August 2016, Oviedo, Florida

A Florida Homeowner engaged in what may be called “overkill” when he shot a passing pedestrian with what a witness described as a cannon.

The passerby was standing near the hypersensitive homeowner’s hot Honda hatchback (we don’t actually know what kind of car it was, we just wanted some alliteration) when the homeowner saw him and rushed out to engage the man with his cannon, striking him multiple times (grapeshot?) and sending him to the hospital.

The homeowner is currently free and no charges are pending.

Now, here’s what actually happened:

The Oveido homeowner was minding his own business when the attack began.

First, the assailant attempted to force the office door. Luckily, he failed.

Then, deciding that the backdoor wasn’t the way to go to get those sweet, sweet re-sellable/tradeable small electronics and doodads, the burglar stopped his attack on the house and moved to the car parked out front. Maybe this target would be easier to get into.

Unfortunately, no.

The homeowner watched the man as he came around to the front and, seeing him going for the man’s car, decided that enough was enough. He went outside and frightened the attacker into running away and hiding in some nearby bushes.

This did not work.

The homeowner, supposing he had control of the situation, ordered the thief to come out of the bushes.

The thief complied, at a high rate of speed; charging the man in an attempt to…escape? Grab the gun? No idea.

He failed. The homeowner, now finding himself under direct assault, fired repeatedly, downing his attacker and sending him to the hospital. One earwitness described the sound to be as loud as a cannon.

OK. So, you’ve got someone trying to break into your house, right? Tooling up and calling the police are the order of the day. The articles fail to mention WHEN 9-1-1 was called, they usually lead with that if the victim waits until after everything is over to call, though.

However, where this guy went sort of wrong is when he decided to engage the thief directly.

We’re not going to say don’t do it. If you have sufficient need to ensure the safety of whatever’s in your vehicle, go for it, but be warned that some jurisdictions look poorly upon that; especially NY, NJ, MD, MA, DC, CA, and IL. Those places don’t like it when you defend yourself and your property, even though they have response times in excess of an hour at times.

But, if you MUST go outside, be ready. Our protagonist was. He was also under direct attack when he shot the man. So, he’ll have that in his favor, versus the tale the DA will tell of him charging out of the house, guns blazing like Dirty Harry.

IF at all possible, DO NOT DO THIS if you can at all help it. This guy got lucky.

Again, the key words here, especially in Florida, is that he was under direct threat from a person who had already tried to break into his home. Stand Your Ground is a great legal principle for those of us who believe in the right to self-defense, but the attendant emotional, psychological, physical, and legal baggage that comes with it is not worth it if you can help it. This guy is going to need some legal help, and fast.

Whether or not the attacker ultimately survives, he or his family are going to their level best to paint this man as the next George Zimmerman and sue him into oblivion. Even if they don’t have a legal leg to stand on (or, maybe a real one), they’ll sue just for the harassment value and the homeowner’s insurance money.

They may even get some national-level backing from Bloomberg or The Brady Campaign to Confiscate All Guns Everywhere. We’ll see.

As has been stated in a previous Florida shooting, maybe he was just trying to get some money for school clothes.

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