Man Seeks Bread, Receives Lead from Breadman

09 August 2016, Lubbock, Texas

A kill-crazy carrier lost his mind outside of a Lubbock carniceria, doing his level-best to kill a man with his hands in his pockets.

The gunman, currently a bread deliveryman and apparently a former 1StSgt by the way he went bananas, went ballistic after the man put some stuff in the back of his truck and then returned to talk to the deliveryman, placing his hands in his pockets.

We cannot confirm that he was shouting about chewing gum while walking or why his victim didn’t have a reflective belt, but it’s well known that US Marine Corps 1StSgts are routinely driven into blind rages at the sight of someone keeping his hands warm. By that logic, he must have been a former Marine. Nobody else would fly off the handle like that.

But, as you know, we jest.

What had actually happened was that the driver was doing his job, offloading bread to the store, when the unnamed suspect pulled up in his car. He got out, casual as you please, and placed what seems to have been several loads of bread into his car.

He then went back to the truck and intimated to the driver and witnesses that he had a gun in his pocket.

The driver, possessing a real gun, a license to carry it, and the wherewithal to use it in defense of his life, fired. Anticipating the shot, the driver tried to compensate for recoil and wound up putting the bullet into the attacker’s leg.

We anticipate a lawsuit by the perpetrator. We expect that, after his conviction for attempted larceny and aggravated assault, he will attempt to sue the driver, personally, as well as the bakery he was delivering for; maybe the carniceria for good measure.

But this should be a warning, a cautionary tale for both the good guys and the bad guys. Bad guys need to realize that their law-abiding prey may be armed and that they should go looking for easier pickings.

Good guys should be aware that the criminals are out there, looking for a weak point, trying new ideas. A lot of them have moved to daytime operations as most police departments have stepped up patrols and general staffing during the night time.

And law-abiding citizens need to be forewarned that your attacker or his estate will most likely try to sue. Many times, they don’t think that they were doing anything all that bad. So they stole some bread. Was that worth shooting them over?

No. No it wasn’t. It was worth shooting them the moment they threatened someone with violence. The Links:

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