Little Boy Wouldn't Leave, Shot by Angry Homeowner

19 August 2016, Mineral Springs, North Carolina

Awakened by a noise sometime before 4 AM, a NC homeowner went to investigate and wound up scaring some burglars back out the way they came in, through the window they had just smashed. Sadly, they didn’t get away “clean”. One of them left his book bag.


In an effort to rectify their error, the burglars didn’t go back the next day with apologies, a new window, and a request to not press charges. They went back that night.

Now, nobody ever said that criminals are the smartest people around. Smart criminals don’t piddle around with petty felonies when they can launder bribes through their "charity" or run for President of the United States.

So, our nonjas (like ninjas, but with no skills or stealth) went back to try and recover the backpack full of identifying information less than an hour after they had first assaulted the residence. We’re not sure about you, but if we had just driven off a group of attackers, we wouldn’t be able to necessarily go right back to sleep.

The victim in question certainly didn’t go back to sleep.

He heard our nonjas approaching and was so kind/stupid as to open the door and ask them what the hell they thought they were doing.

All police have said after that was that some kind of confrontation ensued and little Marquies Waters wound up being shot by the homeowner.

Little Marquies, 17, died of wounds received "for no reason".

Little Marquies’ accomplices, young Jacob Alexander Maye and tiny Tristen Malyk Deese, both 17, both from Waxhaw, NC have been charged with 1st-Degree Burglary and Felony Conspiracy. Unfortunately, North Carolina’s Felony Murder Rule doesn’t seem to include instances where an accomplice is shot by their would-be victim. But we’re not lawyers here, so maybe we’re reading the statute wrong.

Marquies’ mother, in her grief, has called for the arrest and execution of the victim, saying, “I don’t think he should live because he took an innocent child’s life, my son, for no reason.”

While we feel for the mother and recognize that people will say stupid things in their pain, this is how riots start these days. So allow us to rebut:

1. Mrs. Waters’ innocent little angel was neither innocent, nor little, nor an angel. While it may turn out that this was Marquies’ very first violent felony (and the laughably incompetent, bungling manner of its execution might mean just that) the odds are that he’s been committing, at least, lesser crimes up to that point. He just wasn’t caught.

2. Your son, in addition to committing a violent felony, returned to the scene of his crime and, along with two accomplices, ganged up on the victim.

3. The victim had just repelled your son’s gang’s attack on the victim’s home. And then your son and his accomplices went back and got into a physical confrontation in an attempt to remove evidence from the scene of the crime (see #2). The homeowner had PLENTY of reason. Which you will come to see in the fullness of time.

Still, the homeowner has not yet been charged. And while we cannot agree with his actions in going out to face his home’s attackers, once a group of assailants decide to assault a lone defender, the defender has the absolute right to defend himself.

Self-defense is a human right, stop voting against human rights.

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