Tenant Protests Eviction, Shot and Killed by Landlord

7 August 2016, Milwaukie, Oregon

Gerald Miller, 66, was a gun-fondling redneck landlord in the violence-soaked county of Clackamas, OR; the site of an ultra-deadly mass shooting by another gun-humping old, white, male conservative spraying thousands of rounds into a mall from his internet-purchased Assault Rifle (AR) 15.

Instead of an easily-preventable mass-murder using a lawfully obtained WMD, it’s a landlord who forwent* the expense of the drawn-out legal battle to evict his tenant, Ricky Pineda McKowen, 53, of Miller’s Basement, and just shot him. You gotta admit that in the NRA stronghold that allowed a mass-execution at Christmas time, it’s as good a strategy as you could expect in a state where everyone from the Governor on down has been purchased by the Death Industry.

McKowen died at the scene.

Miller was arrested and charged with both Manslaughter and 1st Degree MURDER.

The manslaughter charge was later dropped.

Aaaaaaaaand now the murder charge has been No-Billed by a grand jury.

That’s right ladies, gentlemen, and Democrats. This one’s 100% self-defense. Try as they might, progressive state prosecutors seem to keep having trouble convincing juries to make an example of elderly gun owners.

Or, for that matter, any other gun owners engaging in lawful self-defense in direct contravention of the official Oregon State policy: “Guns-r-bad. Mmkay? You shouldn’t use guns, cuz they’re bad. Mmkay? If you use a gun to protect yourself from violence instead of waiting for the state to come take the report and remove your corpse, you’re a bad person. Mmkay?”

So what actually happened? Let’s go to the video tape! (And by “video tape” we mean the 7 witnesses.)

Mr. Miller, 66, was probably the nicest landlord on the planet. He permitted McKowen to live in his basement for almost a YEAR before attempting to evict him for non-payment of rent. Remember that: a YEAR.

Finally, Mr. Miller had had enough. Or, rather, he hadn’t had any, which was why he was evicting the tenant in the first place. In this day and age, with the economy doing so well, many landlords cut their tenants a lot off slack, and Mr. Miller gave Mr. McKowen so much slack he could have made a matching coat and tie. Most likely, Miller would have taken token payments. Something, ANYTHING to offset the losses incurred while unable to rent out the dwelling space to a tenant who can actually pay.

Instead, McKowen went after Miller threatening his life. Miller took his firearm and shot McKowen, killing him in self-defense. Case closed.

What’s the lesson here? The lesson is that you need to be prepared to go to jail after your Defensive Gun Use. Yes, you know you’re the good guy. The witnesses know you’re the good guy. The deceased, like Jon Snow, knows nothing.

The police do NOT know you’re the good guy. The police are coming in to what could be an active shooter, a domestic assault, or even a trap. So, expect to be arrested.

If you live in a nice, quiet, Progressive, Liberal state, expect also to have the book thrown at you for the heinous sin of using a gun to defend your life. Expect that, in addition to the ignominy off your arrest, you good name will be dragged through the mud by whichever news outlets feel like helping pile on the stress; like how we started this entry off.

We took the limited information available from the initial reports and just ran with it. As there wasn’t enough bad stuff, we made sure to draw in the emotions generated from an unrelated shooting that occurred 4 years ago in a different town 4 miles away. Then we piled on the worst of the myths that we could find from the immediate aftermath of THAT shooting; just to make sure you all knew how horrible this shooting was.

(By the way, the Clackamas Township Mall Shooting was carried out by a slender 20 year-old male with some pretty severe issues, toting a stolen, semi-auto AR. He fired a grand total of 16 shots before killing himself with the 17th.**)

*forwent: /fôr’went/ the past-tense of to forgo (syn.: skipped, refrained from)

**For you bullet-button fans, that means that he’d have needed a total of one (1) 2-second magazine change with a 10-round magazine.***

***Or he could have used a second stolen gun.**** ****Our point is that California’s former bullet button law and/or the current no-magazine-removal BS is security theater designed to keep the idiots who voted for them in power.

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