Shackleford Taken Down by Homeowners

31 August 2016, Port Richey, Florida

To the tune of They Might Be Giants' "Particle Man"

Florida Man, Florida Man

Does everything that Floridians can

First he does meth

Then robs a house

Florida Man

Was it from birth? or was it neglect?

when he goes back to jail does he get respect?

or does he just do more meth, instead?

Nobody cares, Florida Man

According to many liberals, violence is never the answer. If someone’s already in your house, then you should just let them take what they want. It’s not like they’re out to hurt you. They just want money and stuff to sell for drugs. So why should you deprive your attacker of his right to life or due process by defending yourself? Just call the police and wait patiently for them to arrive while you’re being assaulted.

Hopefully, your attackers are with leaving witnesses.

Luckily for a Buchanan Dr. couple, they didn’t have to hope.

Michael Jay Shackleford (not pictured), 46, and two accomplices made the conscious decision to force entry into the couple’s home. Mikey pulled a gun and held the husband on the floor while he and his cohorts searched for valuables.

Sadly (for the criminals) they had no real idea of how to use three people to keep watch on two. The woman got away and, instead of fleeing the house like a good liberal progressive should, she went into her room and got an icky, smelly gun.

She came back out and, channeling every cheesy 80’s cop movie, told the violent felons in her home to, “Freeze!”

They didn’t.

They started to leave. But, in a last show of what we can only assume is some weapons-grade stupidity and bravado, turned around to…I don’t know, make a threat? Say something tough?

No idea. What we DO know is that he also raised his stolen gun to her.

She shot first, wounding Shackleford and renewing his determination to flee. But he was too late. The husband had regained his feet and fought with Shackleford.

Shackleford’s gun was discharged during the fight, but nobody was injured. He was detained by the couple until the police could be bothered to arrive.

What’s the lesson in this? Resistance is not futile.

While we shouldn’t all be trying to apprehend the violent felons which our government consistently releases, unrehabilitated, back into our society to offend again, it worked this time. The alternative, of course, is to hope against hope, to wish against wish, that these burglars aren’t the kind to eliminate the witnesses.

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