Unhappy Days: Marieon Ross Shot During Home Invasion

15 August 2016, Sandusky, Ohio

Well, it’s happened again. Another gun nut opened fire on a guy who knocked on his door. The NRA has got people living in such fear that a simple rapping, just a tapping, tapping at somebody’s door can lead these fear-laden, gun-caressing, inbred rednecks to start pulling triggers.

Maybe it’s time we just ban all guns for everyday people. If you’re not a politician or movie star, you don’t need a gun. Possession of guns only encourages people to defend themselves.

Self-defense engenders a false feeling of self-reliance and makes people less dependent upon the state; and that will cost jobs. Police, administrators, everyone who erns their daily crust helping people navigate the clusters that are most state and federal bureaucracies.

Further, self-defense only promotes the fallacy that a shooting can be justified. A person who shoots their “attacker” is playing into the lies promoted by the death merchants of the gun lobby, headed by the 5 million+ NRA members and their shills in Washington.

The reality is that when you shoot someone for the “crime” of forcing their way into your house, you automatically violate their rights. Your “assailant” has a right to life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness; not to mention a right to due process and a trial by jury.

Shooting your attacker, even if they are “threatening” you, may deprive them of their life. Do you have the right to take their life? Shooting them punishes them for what you may be perceiving as a crime, but you don’t know them and you aren’t their jury. What right have you to convict someone for the “crime” of entering your home?

If you just let them take what they want, then their needs will be met, and you will most likely not be hurt. What is there to be gained from resist….

Ok, ok. That’s about as much hippy-dippy BS as can be channeled for one evening.

In today’s case, the resident of a Sandusky home was minding his own business, possibly sleeping in the small hours of the morning, when a group of people forced entry into his home.

His home. A place that’s supposed to be your castle (and still is, more or less, provided you don’t live in HI, CA, NJ, MD, MA, NYC, Chicago, or D.C.). And it was brutally violated by a group of strangers seeking to do violence.

Finding himself alone and under threat of death or serious bodily harm, our protagonist opened fire, shooting one of his attackers in the leg and causing the group to flee.

In their flight, they left something important behind: Marieon Ross, 20, of Sandusky (not pictured). He was taken into custody and treated for wounds received due to his own stupidity.

A 14 year-old boy was later arrested as an accomplish.

There are not enough details to give a breakdown of things done right or wrong by the defender, other than not having a stronger door.

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