Trick-or-Treater Shot 58 Days Before Halloween

03 September 2016, Franklin Township, Columbus, Ohio

Brian Watson, 32, just wanted to test-drive his new Halloween costume. So, being a happy-go-lucky, carefree guy, he wanted walk it around town and see how people reacted.

Now, some people dress like to dress like scary ghosts. But they know that, aside from the actual night of Halloween and its attendant parties, walking around in a clean, white bedsheet is…frowned upon.

Others, like to pretend to be in various military services. But they know that wearing the German Uniforms reputedly designed by Karl Lagerfeld, even on the right night, is also frowned upon; though less likely to end in an ass-kicking than the bedsheet.

Unless you get too close too close to the jiu-jitsu dojo. (If you didn’t get that joke, go back two paragraphs and read it aloud.)

But Brian wasn’t wearing a controversial costume. Brian was wearing a robber costume. Brian, in full robber regalia, to include mask and gun.

Brian needed some stuff from Boost Mobile. What? We don’t know. Maybe a new cell plan? Maybe time to upgrade his phone?

We will never know.

The clerk at the Boost Mobile, though, didn’t know this. He was one of the Koncealed Karry Killers of the world; walking the Earth, waiting for the slightest excuse to pull out his phallus-substitute and end a life.

Or maybe…juuuuust maybe Brian was trying to rob the store. Mobile device store robberies used to be very popular. But as kill-switches have been installed in more phones, the market has tanked.

But, nobody has ever claimed that criminals were smart. Smart criminals go into politics. Mobile phone store robbers go into prison.

Or, in this case, the morgue.

The person Brian selected to receive his violence was armed and ready. The clerk drew and fired, killing Brian before he could flee.

Here’s hoping the clerk keeps his job.

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