Attempted MURDER in Tulsa

11 September 2016, Tulsa, Oklahoma

A man, as yet unnamed, 31, collapsed outside of 1400 N, Denver Ave., the victim of yet another hotheaded, trigger-happy gun owner, 47, who was just waiting for someone to be mildly intimidating.

So he could shoot him.

The man was apparently attempting to assist a woman, 27, in recovering money owed to her by the shooter, who lives on Cheyenne Ave, when the shooter refused to pay up and opened fire.

The man was struck by at least one bullet and fled the hail of unwarranted gunfire, fleeing with the woman as far as the house on Denver Ave before he passed out, causing the woman to seek help from the homeowners inside.

The woman woke the residents and informed them that the man was her boyfriend, that she knew exactly who the shooter was, and related all of the details surrounding the victimization of her boyfriend at the hands of the trigger-happy Trumpkin.

She left out a few details, though. (She lied.)

When the police compared the Denver Ave resident’s 9-1-1 call with the story from the 27 year-old woman, her boyfriend, and, oh, yeah, the 9-1-1 call from the homeowner, they discovered some discrepancies.

The long and short of this is that her story (and her boyfriend’s) to the police did not match the tale she told the Denver Ave, nor the shooter’s 9-1-1 call.

According to the police, the 31 year-old attacker ignored the shooter’s commands to depart his property and attempted to make entry into the residence while pretending to have a gun.

Many criminals, being criminals, know that they don’t necessarily need a gun to get the effect produced by one; pretending is usually sufficient to force compliance. Many times this is done in the belief that they will receive lighter punishments if they’re caught, as they don’t actually have a gun.

Sometimes this works. In this case, it failed.

It failed because the homeowner, while making the error of going outside and attempting to deal with the threat himself, was wise enough to arm himself before dealing with an irate “boyfriend”.

Let us be clear: Staying in your house is the best thing you can do in this kind of situation. Lock your doors, call 9-1-1, and stand by to repel boarders if necessary.

But, if for whatever reason you can’t stay in the house, then arming yourself before departure is generally a good idea; especially with the possibility of a threat outside.

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