Texas Businessman Shot at Work

17 September 2016, Dallas, Texas

Another day, another senseless gun wounding in a state with lax gun laws. James Nero, 30, nearly died of what amounts to a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Self-inflicted, you ask? Of course. What would YOU call it when someone attempts to break into a Texas home around lunch time on a lazy Saturday morning?

An early morning break-in we could understand. Maybe the homeowners would still be asleep after a night partying. But at 11:20 in the morning, one has to expect that only the most hungover would still be abed.

Nevertheless, Nero tried. Maybe he’s an innovative criminal: finding an underserved niche (the weekend morning burglary-victim set) and attempting to serve them with new and exciting services in the involuntary wealth/property redistribution sector.

Nero made many mistakes while unveiling his new service in the 1000 block of Burlywood Dr. But the biggest mistake (aside from the time and location) was shattering a window in his client’s home.

The victim, on hearing the glass break, went to investigate and found Nero standing inside the home.

Then he shot Nero.

Nero, somewhat surprised at the reception his new service received, fled the house. He was later picked up by police, to whom he expressed his total shock that his enterprise failed.

He was treated at a hospital and then booked into Dallas County Jail on Burglary charges.

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