Handgun-Wielding Teen Opens Fire, Wounds One

14 September 2016, Jacksonville, Florida

Yet another teenager-with-a-gun/another victim of gun-violence story.

Isn’t this the way it usually goes? A gun-nut teenager decided that she did not want the 21 year-old Kyle Williams’ company and, instead of simply asking him to leave, opened fire.

Being somewhat nonplussed by this turn of events, Kyle fled the scene and hurried to a local medical center where, adding insult to injury, police arrested him.

So, what actually happened here? What could cause police to believe a pimply teenager over the word of yet another sacrifice on the NRA’s altar of blood?

Well, in a story calculated to make Progressive heads explode all across this great nation of ours, things are not as they may seem.

The shooter, a 19 year-old female, was at home in her own apartment when Kyle burst through the door.

Maybe Kyle thought she wasn’t home. Maybe he hoped she was. But whether this was supposed to be a burglary…or a rape…or both…it tuned into a rout.

Contrary to the drivel spouted by the Deluminati (if anyone has a better word for the opposite of the Illuminati”, her much-larger assailant did not take the gun from her and kill her with it.

Instead, our unnamed heroine employed the principles of Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action to counter the violence enacted against her and drove her assailant off. She didn’t have time to run, or hide, or vomit on herself, or whatever it is our Anti-self-defense “betters” would have young women do when faced with the threat of violence.

She used a gun. The same tool that Liberals nationwide are working hard to ensure that she will no longer have access to; preferring instead that she cower and just wait for the bad man to stop.

Let’s look at some numbers: 20,000; 8,500; 750; 500; 250; 30,000.

Those are the rounded annual US firearms-related suicides, gang-related homicides, other homicides, legal interventions, lawful self-defense homicide, and the subtotal of all of the gun-related deaths in the US. Of those statistical categories, only the first two are resisting decline. And of all of thses categories, which of these will our heroine’s effective self-defense fall under?

None of them.

Let’s look at two more numbers: 50,000; 3,000,000. These are the Obama Administration’s low and high estimates of the number of Defensive Gun Uses (DGUs) here in America.

Her DGU will fall here. She successfully defended herself against a larger, stronger assailant through the rapid, judicious employment of a firearm. As a bonus, her attacker survived and is expected to make a complete recovery.

But that doesn’t really matter to some. Those people don’t care about facts or people. They only want all the privately, lawfully-owned self-defense firearms confiscated and don’t care who has to die to make it happen, so long as it isn’t them. This is commonly referred to as “Australian-Style Gun Control”.

This is, as usual, a misnomer. It was a confiscation, pure and simple. The fact that the lawful owners were “compensated” for the theft is irrelevant.

The fact remains that, regardless of the evidence, law-abiding citizens were deprived of their property without justification. This concept is coming here unless you stop it at the ballot box.

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