Young Man Shot Asking for Charity, Killer Walks Free

07 October 2016, Tacoma, Washington

In yet another senseless gun tragedy, a Tacoma man has shot and killed an underprivileged youth for the crime of asking the man to share.

According to the story, Terry Webb, 26, approached the Tacoma man and his friend and asked them to share some of their bounty. The Tacoma man, in fear for his life at such an everyday request for help by a scary stranger, pulled out a firearm and gunned Terry down.

As is usual in these incidents, the police are covering it all up, lying about it to protect a fascist pig gun owner.

The Tacoma Police Department reports that the Tacoma man and his friend were walking along in the 1200 block of Division Ave when they were accosted by Mr. Webb, who attempted to rob the two at gun point.

The key word in that last sentence is “attempted”. Mr. Webb made a poor choice in victims.

In spite of their state government’s best efforts, one of Mr. Webb’s victims was carrying a firearm.

Further, Mr. Webb’s victim was able to use the principles of speed, surprise, and violence of action (and possibly distraction) to draw his own, lawfully-concealed firearm and end Mr. Webb’s violent attack with nobody killed or injured.

Except Mr. Webb, but as this was his own fault, he doesn’t really count. Mr. Webb was driven to the hospital by an unnamed female associate who has been booked into jail as a possible accomplice.

Now, as the election approaches, it is only right that we take the occasional slight detour from the tactical breakdowns to the political. And this one is as good as any, seeing as we don’t have much more than the basics of: Bad Guy Commits Violent Armed Assault, Good Guy With Gun Protects Himself.

But, according to at least one major political party’s…adherents…these kind of things don’t happen. These are the people that would prefer that you cower in your bathroom, pleading with your attacker to not hurt you, while you wait for the cops to show up in time to investigate your assault/rape/murder. The core belief of this religion is that guns are evil and are the root cause of all violence and evil in America and if we could JUST get rid of the lawfully-owned firearms, then that would stop the gun violence in its tracks.

If it wasn’t an election year, we would laugh at this naiveté. But it’s not a laughing matter. The people who control the crime-riddled hives of scum and villainy we call major cities want to bring increased crime and violence to the rest of the country through ensuring that you are no longer permitted to use the most effective tools available for your self-defense.

These well-guarded, well-funded proponents of making you wait a few hours before the police show up to your shooting know better than you. They work hard to convince you that if you give up your right to keep and bear arms and your human right of armed self-defense, that the great US of A would be near the bottom of the Highest Rate of Gun-Related Crimes list.

Strangely, they don’t seem to know that if you removed the locations where most of their believers live (major US cities, including major cities states like Texas) violent crime rates, like homicides, would plummet.

Heck, Chicago alone would drop it 3%. (16,121 US Homicides in 2015, 509 in Chicago, 509/16,121=.03).

But that doesn’t matter.

The only thing that really matters is getting rid of your lawfully-owned gun; whether through stacking the courts with anti-civil-rights judges, a Congress packed full of well-defended people who know better’n’you, or simple use of a pen and phone to enact gun control legislation through administrative rulemaking, your human right to effective self-defense is at risk.

Mind how you vote down-ballot.

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