Slow Is Smooth, Smooth Is Fast

11 October 2016, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We’re not even going to try to get inside a progressive’s head for our customary first few paragraphs. This one is too important.

Around 8 AM, Curtis Sanders, 30, a convicted felon, walked into the Comet Food Market at 830 SW 27th Ave in Fort Lauderdale with one intention: make an unscheduled withdrawal of the overnight profits, by force if necessary.

And force he tried; going so far as to open fire. Now THIS is where we get to the important bits.

Sanders had “the drop” on the clerk and fired first, grazing the clerk’s cheek.

The clerk, coming from behind the power curve, fired second. But the clerk managed to do actual damage to his attacker as several rounds from the clerk’s gun struck Sanders, causing him to flee.

But not dropping him or killing him outright.

These are important points to remember, so let’s enumerate them:

1. Slow Hits Beat Fast Misses

You can be the fastest draw on the planet. You may be able to slap leather or clear kydex with a rapidity such as would be a marvel to behold. But if you can’t hit your target, you’re dead.

Practice with your everyday carry (EDC) setup. Whether you do so by dry-firing at home, at a range with friends, or under the supervision of a professional instructor, you MUST practice.

Start slowly. Make sure you get everything (clear concealment, grip, the actual draw, etc…) right. You do NOT want any training scars messing this up.

Do it slowly and correctly every time. Why? Because:

2. Slow Is Smooth and Smooth Is Fast

While you’re occupying yourself with getting your draw correct, you will be going at what YOU feel is a glacial pace.

While this may be true at the beginning, as you progress through your training you will speed up. It will still feel slow to you, but you will start to move faster as your movements become smoother.

3. DO NOT Train Yourself to Fire Every Time You Draw

Pressing the trigger should ALWAYS be a conscious decision. You teach yourself to press that trigger every time you draw and you’ll wind up having trained yourself into a murder charge.

A lot can happen between your decision to draw and the completion of that draw. If your attacker has disengaged and started running away or has surrendered and you automatically press that trigger, that’s at least a manslaughter charge, if not murder.

4. Shoot Until The Threat Stops

Notice that Mr. Sanders was shot multiple times and still managed to flee the scene; only to be tracked down by law enforcement later. Contrary to the handwringing and fearmongering you get from some…individuals…handgun wounds have a much higher rate of survival compared to long guns (rifles and shotguns). Barring a hit to a major system or delay in seeking treatment, handgun wounds have something like a 60% survivability rate. (Again, unless struck directly in a crucial organ like your brain or heart or a major blood vessel like your brachial or femoral arteries.)

This is why, as of this writing, while 3410 people have been shot in the gun-control utopia of Chicago, only 526 (15%) have died.

As a citizen forced to employ your human, civil, and legal rights of self-defense in protection of your skin, most jurisdictions seem to be ok with your shooting until the threat has ended. (Though we are not lawyers and your mileage may vary.)

Then, of course, there are the political issues with shooting until the threat stops. The biggest of these is whether or not you will have enough ammunition.

If you are forced by circumstance to engage in a firefight, how many rounds is too many? How many are too few?

Many politicians of sub-par intellect or who believe that YOU are of below-average intelligence have tried to say that you will only need 10 or fewer rounds when you find yourself in need of defensive firepower. They are wrong.

Contrary to popular belief among the anti-civil-rights crowd, carrying a large number of rounds or a standard-capacity magazine in your gun does not mean you’re out looking to fight a small war in your backyard. It means that you, a responsible adult, have decided that you need that much ammunition for your individual threat profile.

This has been, by no means, a comprehensive defensive pistol class. Please see your nearest available Interritus Instructor or Defensive Firearms Group Instructor for competent training at competitive prices

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