BREAKING: Handgun Used During Dayton Robbery

13 October 2016, Dayton, Ohio

Terrifying scenes recorded on a store security video when gunplay broke out during a robbery at Belmont Market on 344 Watervliet Dr.

Video shows a man in jeans pointing a small, black handgun at a man’s head while another clerk remains passive behind the counter, trying not to get shot after the man demanded the money in the register.

No shots were actually fired, no money was stolen, and the police have the robber in custody.

However, the police were unable to seize the firearm as evidence despite what you see in the picture above.

Are you wondering how that could be?

The firearm in question belonged to the store owner.

Seeing the attacker at the counter, the owner came around it. This enabled the owner to flank the attacker and surprise him with a small, concealable firearm pointed at his head.

The attacker decided that discretion was the better part of being gangsta and was arrested while the owner held him at gunpoint, as show in the below picture:

Perspective can be manipulated.

The Link:

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