Shotgun Wielding Lunatic Blasts Unarmed Man

04 October 2016, Ormewood, Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta police are refusing to press charges against an Ormewood homeowner (not pictured) after he opened fire on an unarmed man. Spencer Bohannon was quietly doing his thing when he encountered the homeowner, who was armed with a shotgun.

The homeowner took a shot at Spencer, but missed, allowing Spencer to turn and try to run away from the crazed maniac. The maniac, incensed that his first shot missed, pursued Spencer and fired again.

This time, Spencer wasn’t so lucky. He was struck by the shot.

Spencer is currently listed in Critical Condition.

The homeowner is uncharged and unarrested.

What brought about this travesty of Justice? Why is little Spencer fighting for his life while some homeowner gets to sit around and make jokes at poor, little Spence’s expense?

Because Spencer is a burglar. Spencer made too much noise breaking into the house and alerted the homeowner. The homeowner, not being the kind of person to cower and wait for his attacker to come hurt him at his leisure, grabbed his shotgun and went to investigate.

One of the job hazards of being a burglar is the low light level. As a result of the darkness, Spencer didn’t see the shotgun and decided to confront the homeowner.

This was a bad decision (in a string of bad decisions). The homeowner opened fire and, as we said earlier, actually missed Spencer, who took the opportunity to attempt to flee. The homeowner, perceiving that the threat wasn’t over, fired again.

If Spencer recovers, he will be charged with Burglary.

Atlanta police do not expect to file charges against the homeowner. (Because, unlike in CA, IL, NY, NJ, MD, MA, and DC, self-defense isn’t yet a crime in GA.)


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