Domestic Violence Devolves into School Shooting, 1 Dead

29 September 2016, Arlington, Texas

Domestic Violence-related gunfire erupted by Arlington’s Timberview High, leaving one 32 year-old dead after the police arrived and refused to place the school into lockdown status, cancel school, notify parents, or, despite the fact that women are 11 times more likely to be murdered if there is a gun present during their domestic violence incident, keep the shooter in jail.

This is yet another domestic violence murder that could have been prevented if only we could enact common sense gun confiscation to prevent the gun-fondling morons of America from shooting innocent people.

We at Interritus, of course, do not support the above sentiment. We believe that the deceased deserved to be shot, if not killed outright.

Why shouldn’t we? According to the CDC, guns are used to defend more often than to kill. And in this case, it was 100% self-defense.

What happened? Well, we’ll tell you:

Around 3:30 AM, the 27 year-old shooter had finally reached her limit.

That’s right, her limit.

After years of covering for abuse in their house near Timberview High School, the shooter was under attack yet again and defended herself. This time, 32 year-old Isaac Flores would not survive to pressure her into changing her story.

She shot him.

Police took her into custody for a few hours and then released her after evidence revealed defensive wounds on her body and the massive history of violence by the deceased. Police stated that they did not want to revictimize her…again.

It was not surprising that we had to dig for this story. As is usual, especially in these politically-charged times, you won’t find a story like this on any of the national news programs. It’s a strictly regional tale to be covered once and then never referred to again.

Another reason you won’t see something like this splattered all over is that, despite the journalism rule of “If it bleeds, it leads”, the wrong person bled.

Similar to the Clinton campaign’s regret that the San Bernardino shooters were immigrant Muslims and not Caucasian Christian Americans, the deceased in this case was the male aggressor rather than a victimized female.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why we referenced this as a school shooting, it’s a tactic commonly used by anti-human rights crusaders to inflate “school shooting” numbers. The shooting happened near the school, during off hours, when there were no children or staff present, but that’s close enough for the liars churning out the “ignore our gang problem, it’s the guns that are evil” propaganda.

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