Victim Resists,Turns Robbery Into Homicide

19 October 2016, Houston, Texas

As predicted, blood runneth through the streets of the Texas city of Houston. An unarmed man was minding his own business when, all of a sudden…

“BOOM!” Violence! Bloodshed! And a 22 year-old lay dead in the courtyard of the Woods on Lamonte apartments.

What was worth a man’s life? A few measly dollars in the unarmed man’s wallet.

Why? Why didn’t the man just give up the cash? Instead, he just HAD to be a “hero” and resist. And this is what resistance gets: a gunshot wound and hospitalization or death.

Sure, that may have been his rent money in that wallet, but we here at the Notnilc Foundation believe that that the man’s sacrifice of his rent in place of a life would have gone on to do good in the community somewhere else. Maybe it would have been donated to one of the many fine organizations in Houston dedicated to sheltering the recently-homeless; as the man would have been if he’d just been smart and not resisted.

Instead, we have yet another life lost to the senselessness of gun violence.

Luckily, the life lost was not the victim’s. (But that doesn’t matter to some. Attacker’s lives matter just as much as their victim’s.)

The 22 year-old attacker was prowling the area, possibly stalking a different target, when he came across his victim. He rushed up, stuck a gun in the victim’s face, and demanded money.

The unarmed victim responded, “No”, and then defended himself. He grabbed his attacker’s gun, forcing it off line, and then went to the ground with the attacker whilst struggling for possession of the weapon used to attack the victim.

During the struggle, the victim managed to gain enough control of the weapon to fire at least one shot into his attacker’s stomach, stopping the threat.

The attacker died at the scene.

The victim is cooperating with the investigation and police investigators believe this to be self-defense.

However…this is Houston. It’s a city that will vote for Hillary Clinton and a Democrat ticket. Therefore there is a penalty for defending yourself against a lethal threat: the Grand Jury.

This is something that YOU, the lawfully-armed, law-abiding citizen need to be very aware of: You can do everything right, the police can agree with you, and you can still spend a looooong time in jail.

Now, the ancillary facts on the ground are thin. Newspapers are reluctant to print anything more than a description of ANY criminals for fear of being accused of contributing to the racial divide in America. All we have is the age of the deceased and that makes it very difficult to tell WHY the victim is being referred to a grand jury.

Is it policy? Was it a mixed-race incident and the DA doesn’t want to be accused of discrimination in the case that this is the next Zimmerman incident (an Hispanic dumbass shot an African-American Teenager)? Or does someone in the DA’s office need to score some political points?

Given that this occurred in a place lie Houston, we can’t yet tell. Although we’re willing to bet that it’s not policy.

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