Florida Police WITNESS a Shooting, Let Shooter Run Free

15 October 2016, Mount Dora, Florida

Once again, gunfire breaks out near the town of Sanford and, once again, the police saw it happen and STILL let the shooter run free while heaping blame upon the unarmed shooting victim. This time, in addition to blame and because the shooting victim had the effrontery to survive, they have added charges.

Not only have they let the shooter go, the NRA-owned police have NO plans to charge him.

Of course, that could be because the police were failing to protect and serve the victim after arriving on scene.

So…what happened?

An argument had broken out at the parking lot of the Palms of Mount Dora apartments. People were scrapping and police were summoned to the scene. The police moved in to break it up, but bbefore they could separate the warring parties, Xavier LeBron Ramos had drawn his pistol and shot Gerardo Orona, striking his arm.

Now, what could possibly encourage police to release a shooter who’d shot an unarmed man?

Well, the principle of superior numbers is one reason.

Xavier was under attack by BOTH Gerardo and his brother Monico. Monico was so incensed at his brother’s shooting that once the police had piled onto the man with the gun (Xavier), he waited for an opening in the pile of police officers and booted Xavier in the head.

Everyone was carted off to jail, but Xavier was released after investigators found he was not the attacker.

State prosecutors agree, but have had the case referred to them, anyway.

This can happen to you. One minute you’re minding your own business and the next two guys are pummeling you for all they’re worth.

Xavier tried to resist hand-to-hand, but when you’re outnumbered, what do you do?

In free states (states that don’t reserve the right of self-defense outside the home to corrupt politicians like they have in California) being outnumbered is usually justification enough.

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