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19 October 2016, Overbrook, Kansas

Bruce Jolly, 49, of Overbrook, KS has been sentenced to a whopping 4 years and 9 months in state prison after being framed for an “armed” home invasion and burglary the night of October 8th, 2015.

According to news reports, Mr. Jolly was visiting a neighbor when that neighbor pulled out a gun and shot him.

Of course, by “visit” we mean that he had broken in through the basement and was working his way through the house with a machete when the resident, Ms. Ashley Mundy, found him and engaged in a vigorous defense of herself, her home, and now-5-years-old son who was asleep in another room while Mr. Jolly defiled the sense of safety that comes with living in a home.

(While we’re on this and given that we’re so close to Halloween, does anyone else think that a dirty, disheveled, methed-up, machete-toting clown named Mr. Jolly would make a GREAT horror character?

He did the first time.

And it was one of those horror movies where the single mom and the kid survive while the evil clown gets carted off to the hospital and then prison.)

Unfortunately, this is where the jokes end, because Ms. Mundy’s problems stemming from this incident began the moment Chuckles broke in and continue to this day; problems that YOU, the lawfully-armed, law-abiding citizen may have to face.

First, she had to move. After having one’s sense of privacy and security violated by a machete-wielding maniac, who in their right mind would want to wake up every morning with that memory? Moving cots money, something single moms usually have in abundance.

Second, we’ve discussed waking up, we should talk about sleep. Rather, we should talk about the lack thereof. Since the violation of her home, she has had trouble sleeping. She will continue to have trouble sleeping.

Third, due to Mr. Jolly’s forcing of her hand in shooting him, she not only has to deal with her lost sense of security, she's had to deal with the emotional fallout of having had to make the decision to take a life. It’s irrelevant that she did not actually do so. The trauma occurs when you, a normal, law-abiding citizen, make the decision to use deadly force against another human. It’s hardwired into your head and governments spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to rewire that instinct in their Marines (and other servicemembers).

Given the trauma he caused, one would hope that Mr. Jolly’s home or property could be sold to pay for some counseling, but this is not mentioned in the news stories.

Lastly, she gets to deal with the fact that there is a countdown until the release of the man who broke into her home bearing arms with the intention to…well, that’s the question, isn’t it? Did the meth head in question break in randomly or did he have an intention of harm towards young Ms. Mundy or her son? There’s no description of his motive or the items he was attempting to make off with and, instead of fleeing after being shot, he attempted to silence the burglar alarm.

Whereupon she shot him again.

But for now, she can rest at least a little easier and raise her son in the relative peace of her new residence. And when he gets out, she will perhaps be better armed and even better trained should he try again.

We say these things because you, dear reader, may have to deal with this in the event you defend yourself by force of arms. The emotions, the PTSD, the 376-DAY WAIT FOR JUSTICE, only to see your attacker given a paltry half-decade for the violence against you and the theft of your peace of mind.

But at least people are using this incident to call for tighter restrictions on sharp objects and a ban on meth and housebreaking.

Wait…there are no calls to ban sharp objects? Meth and housebreaking are all already illegal?

Then how did all this happen? Didn’t the criminal in question know these things were illegal?

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Original Text

08 October 2015, Overbook, Kansas

Bruce Jolly, 48, of Overbrook, KS is in the hospital recovering from a near-terminal case of stupidity after his attempt at a late-night in-home shopping-spree went badly awry.

Mr. Jolly, perhaps driven by an addiction or desperation, decided that the best cure for his immediate difficulties was to force entry into his neighbor’s house to accomplish an as-yet-unknown objective.

What we do know is that Mr. Jolly was greeted by the homeowner, a Good Gal With A Gun, and promptly shot for his assault on her home. He then fled the scene and called 9-1-1about five minutes after the resident did.

Upon his discharge from the hospital, Mr. Jolly will receive door-to-door service, courtesy of local law enforcement, directly to the county jail, where charges await him.

While we hope that this will serve as the wake-up call for the assailant to get whatever help he needs, we are even happier that the homeowner was only shaken up, not harmed.

There aren’t too many lessons to be taken from this that can’t be found in any of the other entries in this blog.

We can only reiterate the fact that, when you have no time, standing around doing nothing is not an option. Our unnamed victim is a real hero, having stopped the bad guy from breaking into her home, but also other homes.

Our heroine did exactly as she was supposed to. She used her gun like a fire extinguisher to get an immediate handle on the problem and then summoned the authorities as soon as she was able to safely do so.

Well-Done to Her

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