Gun-Toting Maniac Kills Child in Chicago

06 January 2017, Chicago, Illinois

The South Side of Chicago, a shining example of Trump’s America: blighted, economically depressed, held up by the rest of America as a Taste of Things to Come as the Orange One wreaks havoc upon The People.

A maniac walks the streets here. He scans shadows. Searching. Seeking souls to send skyward.

He has succeeded once. And having tasted success in the spilled blood of the child Andre D. Lacaze, our faceless killer is waiting for the next desperate innocent.

The child’s crime? His sin for which he paid for his life? Asking for a few dollars on a cold, Chicago afternoon.

Wait…did we say Trump’s America?

Sorry. That’s our bad. The Cheese-Colored One may bode ill for many things, but this particular massive cluster is not his fault.

The South Side of Chicago, the pseudo-war zone created by decades of failed Progressive policies and routinely ignored (except during election years) by President Obama’s close, personal, friend and former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is simply another example of where our cities were headed. (And perhaps still are.)

But there has been a shining beacon of hope. A ray of light to penetrate the blue cloud over the once proud city: Another CCW Permit holder has successfully exercised his right to self-defense within the bounds of Chicago itself.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The city which has long stood as the epitome of the pro-criminal, anti-human rights ethos is witnessing a resurgence, however slow, of people who recognize that the police can’t be everywhere and have taken the responsibility for their self-defense upon their own shoulders.

In this case, the deceased “child” was 19-year-old Andre D. Lacaze. (Note: he wasn’t actually a child, but you better believe that he will be listed as one by every Billionaire-funded AstroTurf organization out there.)

An unidentified accomplice and little Andre, an adult in the eyes of the law and his victim, made the conscious decision to pull a gun and rob an unnamed 23-year-old just before 2 PM in the 8200 block of South Ingleside. Andre made a poor choice in his victim selection: The 23-year-old was armed and unwilling to take any of Andre’s guff.

A “scuffle” ensued, rapidly becoming a fracas. Little Andre opened fire, striking his victim in the hip.

When the dust cleared and the valiant Chicago PD made their way through the crowded streets to the scene of the crime (the armed robbery, not the death of the armed attacker), Andre was dead of a gunshot wound to the head.

His victim, a licensed firearm carrier, has not been charged. Why not? Because self-defense and the possession of the most effective tools to do so are human rights, not crimes; regardless of the opinions of the outgoing administration.

Notice something, dear readers. The victim was injured, too.

In this, our first post of the new year (after a two-month hiatus), we thought we should start with making one point very clear:


The victim was successful in neutralizing his attacker, but took a bullet to the hip.

What we don’t know is WHY the victim was chosen. Was he specifically targeted? Was he a target of opportunity? Was he lost in his own little world until the attack began?

While we don’t yet know the why of it, we can make a few points about the attack itself.

If he was deliberately targeted (over some unknown) then there’s not a whole lot he could have done to prevent Andre’s assault.

But it’s more likely that Andre & Co were cruising around, looking for a target of opportunity and the victim fit their desired profile.

Maybe he was wearing headphones. Maybe his face was buried in his phone trying to get that Charizard. Whatever it was, a distracted pedestrian is a targetable pedestrian.

You, the reader can take lessons from this. While any DGU you come out of alive is a good DGU, it is far better to avoid the whole ordeal and be a harder target.

Keep an eye on your surroundings. This is called situational awareness and it’s key to keeping out of trouble. If you can see problematic people before you’re right on top of them, you get the luxury of deciding whether or not to deal with them or simply avoid them.

It’s a short lesson today, sorry about that.

We’ll be back next week.

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