Another Innocent Gunned Down As Obama Administration Ends

09 January 2017, Sarasota County, Florida

Just a few days prior to the Trumpocalypse, an eager-beaver racist in Florida shot and killed Glenn Edward Oliver, 30, for the crime of being poor.

The gun-owning Nazi homeowner “claims” that he was “defending himself” when little Glenn approached him for the gift charity. Instead, the homeowner gave him the gift of lead, delivered in small doses at high velocity and justified with that logical phallacy of “self-defense” and “defense of family”.

The xenophobic probable Trump-voter didn’t even stop to ask Glenn if he needed help, nor did he retreat to safety and let the police take care of it; just opened fire.

Glenn Oliver: gunned down in the streets of Florida, adding to the river of innocent blood flowing through America’s Streets; just as he was turning his life around.

Of course, we all know that’s not what really happened. But that’s how the story will be told.

If only Glenn had been under 20, he would have been reported as a teenager or, even, a “child”. But Glenn was 30, a grown man since the age of 18.

Of course, one would think that he would have known better having just been released from one of our nations many fine catch-and-release centers for felons with extensive histories of violent crimes. But he had not learned the error of his ways.

Mr. Oliver, now deceased, forced his way into a home around 1:30 PM while the family appeared to be away from the house. However, he failed to exit before the family came home and, instead of beating a hasty retreat through whatever hole he raped their house to get inside, he chose to go on the offensive.

He attacked the homeowner with a baseball bat.

Well…he tried to attack the homeowner. The homeowner was having none of it and pulled his handgun, shooting Mr. Oliver and putting him down.

So, what does this teach us?

It teaches us to be prepared. Home carry isn’t just for the paranoid these days.

It teaches us that when you come face-to-face with your burglar, the police are NOT going to get there in time to save you from an angry idiot wielding a blunt instrument.

It teaches us that you cannot depend on any state or federal prison system to reliably reform violent felons or keep them incarcerated; preferring the catch-and-release method stated above. This keeps them in their phony-baloney jobs without so much as a “Harrumph” for the Governor.

It teaches us that you will always be present at the scene of your emergency and that (regardless of how much the “peacefully-protesting” Progressives out there want you to just wait for the police and hope you aren’t hurt/raped too badly) YOU are your first and last line of defense.

Stay safe out there, people.

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