Errant Child Shot by Homeowner

04 February 2017, San Antonio, TX

Tywon Scates, a misguided teenager with a few minor bad habits, has had a very bad day. First, he’s suspected of stealing a truck and, as we all know, you DON’T touch a Texan’s truck.

Then, as he was walking along, minding his own business, some other police officers illegally profiled him and gave chase, simply because he HAPPENED to look like the man who had stolen and abandoned someone’s truck. So, being in mortal fear for his life from pursuing fascists, he sought protection under some of that famous Texan hospitality.

Sadly, the Texan in question was…disinclined…to offer little Tywon the shelter he desperately needed. He sided with the fascists and shot Tywon.

Right in the ankle.

Currently, sweet, innocent, cherubic Tywon sits in the Wells County jail, moldering away as the city of San Antonio refuses to take any responsibility for the circumstances in Tywon’s young life which led to him borrowing the truck.

San Antonio has also refused to do right by young Tywon by keeping him in jail. He is being given no opportunity to learn from his mistakes by being kept locked up on charges of Burglary of a Habitation with Intent to Commit Other Felony, Evading Arrest, and Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.

Snap back to reality.

Tywon Scates has issues. Specifically he has boundary issues.

Initially, all he did was steal a car. While this is a major crime in most places, here in a major city like San Antonio, major crimes are reduced to minor crimes, lest the city look like it’s tough on criminals and other supporters of the current city administration.

But wait, there’s more!

After his failed GTA, the 19-year-old young man decided that discretion would be the better part of valor. He left the stolen truck for the police to find and investigate while he walked away clean.

Only it wasn’t clean. There was a witness, who relayed his description to the police who quickly located him and engaged in a foot pursuit to catch him.

Mr. Scates ran for his liberty. (We’d say “ran for his life” but nobody was out to kill him. Police rarely are.)

He wound up at a house on the corner of Dewey and Texas Boulevard, where he sought to enter and make himself secure (and maybe make up for his lost truck.) But he ran afoul of the home’s resident, who objected to Mr Scates’ attempt at an unlawful, forced entry and backed his objection up with force.

The home owner fired upon his assailant, striking him once in the ankle and causing him to flee. During which flight Mr. Scates brought out an unidentified object and attempted to hurl it at the resident, causing the resident to fire another shot at our fleeing criminal.

Police later located the presumably limping criminal and had him treated before taking him off to jail.

Scates remains behind bars on $40,000 bond and multiple charges.

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#burglary #theft #nonfatal

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