GA Pre-School Shooting Kills 1

14 February 2017, DeKalb County, Georgia

Valentine’s Day. A day for love, peace, and showing your loved ones that you care about them. Instead, we have a pre-school shooting.

Though no students were injured, due to one man’s profiling and wholly unnecessary discharge of his firearm near the Advance Preparatory Academy, someone’s Valentine is in the morgue. They won’t even get to know that their Valentine won’t be coming home because the police are withholding the deceased’s name until family notification can be made.

All because of a horrible, terrible, error in judgement.

The clerk, who is being hailed as a hero by the fascists on the DeKalb Police Force, mistook a simple request for cash as an attack on his life. The clerk, in keeping with the long-established GA traditions of not bothering to give two Fs about WHY this individual was reduced to using perceived violence against an authority figure, opened fire on the alleged assailant near the school; firing wildly and striking him in the upper chest and arms.

The victim of society and classism freed himself from the onslaught and escaped the excessive violence directed towards him, only to collapse nearby and die with what is alleged to be his weapon still in his hand.

The clerk will get off Scot-free, no students were harmed, and the school did not go into lockdown or react in any other way.

Of course, that could be because this happened around 8 PM and the only people who will count this as a school shooting are the astroturf organizations such as the Brady Campaign, Moms Demand Action, CSGV, or any of the other billionaire-funded, anti-human rights organizations who need to pad their numbers to successfully fear monger.

But, we’ll play their silly little game.

Let’s have some reality around here.

An unnamed clerk was minding his own business, minding the counter at Happy’s Package Store near Stone Mountain, GA., around 1000ft from the Advance Preparatory Academy Pre-School and Day Care. Sadly, some dill-hole had decided that Happy’s would be the next victim in a long string of violent robberies.

Now, this career criminal had a good idea. He would use the tactical principles of speed, surprise, and violence of action to overwhelm Happy’s lone clerk and rapidly gain compliance and access to the register. It had worked for his last several robberies, why change a winning pattern?

Well, one reason to change one’s pattern (by not committing crimes) is the increasing proliferation of armed good guys. We, the law-abiding citizens of the United States, are starting to get woke.

While most of us support our police forces, we realize that they cannot be everywhere at once, nor should they be. As responsible citizens, it is incumbent upon each of us to take responsibility for ourselves and our own well-being. And that includes defending ourselves until such time as the professionals can respond.

“But, he was just a desperate addict! He didn’t deserve to die!” we hear you cry out.

And you are absolutely right, he did not deserve to die. But did the clerk? When the deceased made his decision to commit the armed robbery, he quite literally wagered his life on the outcome. When he burst through the door, jumped the counter, and opened fire he reduced the clerks options to two:

  1. Do nothing and die

  2. Fight back, possibly die, possibly live.

The clerk chose option 2, drawing his own revolver and returning fire.

As none of his shots hit the clerk, we will never know if the attacker intended to shoot the clerk or simply wanted to use the noise as additional threat. What we do know is that the clerk correctly perceived the threat to his life, drew his self-defense sidearm, and placed accurate shots on target; striking his attacker in the arms and upper torso.

The attacker fled and was found outside, still clutching his firearm.

Law enforcement has stated that the clerk defended himself and will not be charged.

Why won’t he be charged? Because self-defense is a human right, not a crime.

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