Homeowner Shoots, Nearly Kills Unarmed Man

05 March 2017, Poulsbo, Washington

Look at a clock. Mark out one minute.

That’s how long you have before that burglar quietly enters your house.

Then, go for half of that: 30 seconds.

You have that long before your home invader comes crashing through your door.

Now...measure out 9 whole minutes.

That’s the average law enforcement response time to a 9-1-1. Call in America.

Sometimes you’re lucky, and they show up in two or three minutes. Sometimes you live outside the elite gated communities of a large, liberal utopia, like Detroit, and they might get there in under an hour.

Now, this is not a slight against our nations great police forces; the men and women who have stepped up to be their brother’s keeper. These are simple facts which are not their fault.

Now, barring any sudden change of heart by America’s career criminals and politicians (but, I repeat myself), there are only two ways we can mitigate the risks caused by these issues.

Option 1: Tax the living heck out of everyone and institute a police state, using those taxes to pay for the significantly increased numbers of police officers on patrol, the CCTV Cameras, social media monitoring, and the campaign to repeal HIPPA.

Option 2: Learn to defend yourself in the eight-minute difference between when the attacker gets in your home and when the police should arrive.

And Option 2 was what was chosen by an unnamed homeowner.

The female homeowner was alone in the house around 2 AM when the also-unnamed 28-year-old burglar decided to try to let himself in.

We say “try” because he was going up against a woman who was having none of his guff. Like, he brought an entire armful of it and was just going to have to leave it in his car because she was taking none.

This premiere guff deliveryman thought he had done everything right in approaching the house and making entry. But he made too much noise and alerted the woman.

She grabbed her firearm and called 9-1-1. She warned her attacker that she was armed, but to no avail. Some people just HAVE to get inside a house.

Sadly, for him, but happily for truth, justice, and (non-Berkeley) America, he took one round to the chest and the other to the hand. It was only through the first-aid efforts of officers that he was kept alive long enough to make it to the hospital; where he remains in critical condition.

So, now we wait. We wait to see if he survives his case of terminal stupidity. We wait to see if his family decides to sue.

We wait to see if the Kitsap County, Washington, Prosecutor’s Office charges the homeowner with self-defense.

Our point tonight is this: Now that there stands a reasonable chance of a federal government who is not opposed to the human right of self-defense for the common man, the Astro-Turf organizations are focusing their efforts on the states.

They’re doing their best to ensure that while their bosses, such as former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, are surrounded by private armed security officers, high walls, and expensive security systems, YOU are left unarmed and at the mercy of the average police response time for your area.

What is strange about this is that it disproportionately affects the populations that these “Progressive” people and organizations profess to want to protect: minorities, the poor, the LGBT Community, immigrants, etc… These groups who are viewed as unable to help themselves and need to be shielded from their own inability to protect themselves by the benevolent wealthy “Progressive” individuals and organizations.

Of course, the inherent racism in that attitude is a different article for a different publication.

So, be nice, and remember that you are your own first responder.

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