Child Shot During Field Trip

07 March 2017, Riverdale, Georgia

As happens so often in our violence-soaked society, another gun owner has murdered a child and set up the child’s guardian to take the fall.

According to police reports and witness statements, little John Dexter Williams and his guardian, Patrick Kemp, were hanging out together and walking along Birch Circle in Riverdale, GA, around 11 AM when the as-yet-unnamed gun owner opened fire on the pair.

Little Johnny was struck by at least one round while he and his guardian fled. Little Johnny made it all of 300 feet before collapsing in a driveway on Birch Walk Blvd. Police and paramedics struggled to save the little boy’s life, but were unsuccessful.

Little Johnny Williams, child victim of gun violence, cut down before he ever had a chance to find his way in this world.

Well, that’s what every useful idiot member of Moms Demand Action, the Brady Campaign, the DNC, and every other bought-and-paid-for AstroTurf organization out there will say.

If they comment at all. It’s rare that these organizations make any comment on a justifiable homicide. It doesn’t fit the false narrative they’re trying to push.

John Dexter Williams, 19, and Patrick Kemp, 22, were not good people. They were also not smart people. In today’s day and age of non-standard work schedules and unemployment, the game of burglarizing lower- and middle- class houses during the day is no longer profitable.

Still, they persisted.

Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumbass, being the fine, upstanding members of Atlanta’s criminal classes, decided to take a break from their hectic day of submitting job applications to every fast food joint and day labor placement service to make some much-needed cash by breaking into one of the homes located in Riverdale.

Sadly, not everyone seems to have been as enterprising as these young men out on the town. The home they broke into was occupied by a law-abiding citizen. And this citizen took full advantage of his rights.

This citizen was lawfully armed and unwilling to accept the guff that these men wanted to dole out.

While reports are sketchy, from what we can discern, the two were caught in the act of breaking into the home and the homeowner opened fire, striking poor little Johnny and causing the young men to flee the scene. The homeowner wisely chose to stay put and leave pursuit/tracking to the professionals.

They didn’t need to track far as 9-1-1 received a call from the owner of a home about 300 feet from the initial call stating that there was a man lying in his driveway. That man was little John Dexter Williams.

So, what can we learn from this incident? What went right? What went wrong? (From the homeowner or law enforcement point of view, obviously. Who cares about the POV of the home invaders?)

We don’t know when 9-1-1 was first contacted. We don’t know when the homeowner detected the criminals’ attempted invasion. We don’t know how long they were outside the house, working to get in.

We do know that the homeowner, at some point, determined that two unidentified men were trying to enter his home. We know that the homeowner was armed. And we know that he determined to defend his home from an unlawful invasion.

After his engagement, he wisely chose not to pursue his attackers, contenting himself with having driven his attackers away.

Lastly, he refused to interviewed by the media. While local media are often sympathetic to the plight of the law-abiding in the high-crime areas near large agglomerations of Democrats, national media routinely ignore stories like this; wherein the “victim” was engaged in a violent crime.

Like our hero here, you need to be mindful of the same issues. They will beset you and you need to maintain presence of mind to avoid being caught up in the hullaballoo following every lawful use of force.

Luckily for this man, there are no charges yet pending for the homeowner; because self-defense is not a crime in Georgia.

You are your own first responder, remember that.

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