Mixed-Race Pair Takes Fire in South Carolina

14 March 2017, Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Of course, this could only happen in Trump’s southern United States.

Even though South Carolina’s anti-miscegenation laws were overturned in 1967, a mixed-race pair approached a home in a small town outside of Charleston, South Carolina and the homeowner opened fire. On seeing White’s bullet-riddled corpse, the coroner even went so far as to verbally high-five the shooter before setting him free.

Of course, that may have something to do with the way Mr. White had approached Justin’s house:

With a mask, rope, and a gun after having an accomplice verify that Justin and his family were home.

You also read that correctly: a mask, a rope, and a gun after verifying that a family was home.

White’s accomplice, Juanita Marie English, 28, of Ladson, began the attack using a distraction technique. She approached the house wearing a fake Home Owner’s Association to lure Justin’s wife into opening the door.

She began asking Mrs. Washington a variety of questions to hold her attention and covertly signaled White to approach the house.

Being the master of stealth that he was, White’s masked, armed, and be-roped approach through the gloom was noticed by Justin’s wife, who quite rightly freaked out, slammed the door shut, and screamed for her armed husband.

This is where White’s plan went south (more so than it already was). Instead of changing their attack plan or (and this is just crazy) aborting their plan and turning to a life of lawful behavior, White continued. He assaulted the front door.

Behind which was waiting Justin Washington, forewarned and forearmed. White kicked the door open and was warmly greeted with a four-course meal of warm lead, delivered hot and fresh to his now collapsing body.

Elijah Akeem White, Jr., died at the scene. Cause of Death: Homicide; Manner of Death: Terminal Stupidity.

Sadly, Ms. English did not share her partner’s fate. She will, however, be facing South Carolina’s Felony Murder charge. The death occurred while she and her now-deceased partner in (poorly planned) crime were committing a major felony when they attempted to enter the home, hold everyone hostage, and execute them.

Criminals are not completely stupid. Many of them are learning that committing simple violent crimes outside of the progressive liberal strongholds which tolerate them is becoming an occupational hazard.

Specifically, criminals are falling prey to the occupational hazard of law-abiding citizens filling in the gap between their calls to 9-1-1 and the actual arrival of the cavalry with active self-defense instead of the DNC-Approved method of cower and hope the bad people don’t hurt you too badly.

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